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  • The Halloween update is now live on the Warface server! Loads of interesting novelties and hellishly spooky items for the best Warface Halloween.

    21 Oct 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In the latest update: A new agent and a dedicated set, additions for the mod system, game improvements, and other changes.

    14 Oct 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A large-scale seasonal update "New Power" brings you Mods 2.0, the Molotov, class balance tweaks, new in-game activities, and other changes. Read on for more details!

    27 Sep 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The fresh update includes a PvP map rotation in Quick Play, improvements to the matchmaking in Ranked Matches, the return of boost spots to the Modern maps as well as the new submachine gun KH9-EX.

    30 Aug 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A hotfix with an item showcase has been installed on the game servers. Read on to learn the details.

    10 Aug 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The fresh update includes a new in-game event "Knockout Trials", cool weapons models, the "Gas Station" map and lots more. Read on to learn the details!

    03 Aug 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A fresh update has been installed on the game servers. It contains novelties for Riflemen and Engineers, the "Route 66" weapon series, as well as important bug fixes.

    19 Jul 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In this hotfix, you will find an Agent "Impulse" set, adjustments to the grenade explosion sounds, as well as new maps' bug fixes. On top of that, we have fixed some bugs from the previous versions.

    07 Jul 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In the fresh large-scale update "First Division", you will find new Ranked Matches, reworked maps, a new Battle Pass season, the second prestige season, and other novelties. Read on to learn more!

    29 Jun 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In this update we have improved the game security system and launched new contracts — complete missions and get cool rewards!

    08 Jun 2022
    Patch Notes