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  • In this update, we've fixed critical bugs of the previous game versions and updated the map rotation.

    11 Jan 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we have fixed the issues of the previous versions and made some minor changes.

    28 Dec 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A new PvP event "Winter Brawl", content of a new Agent Grizzly, tweaks to step sounds and surrounding sounds are now in game.

    22 Dec 2022
    Patch Notes
  • With this hotfix, we have addressed some critical bugs from the latest update. Read on to learn more.

    16 Dec 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The new season "Side by Side" sports the return of legendary weapons, a new Battle Pass, dual-wield guns, new seasonal activities, and other changes. Read on!

    08 Dec 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The PvE mission "Rift: Infiltration", improved optimization for the Molotov cocktail and bug fixes are already in the game! Read on to learn details.

    23 Nov 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A hotfix with bug fixes for some issues of the previous updates has been installed on the game servers. Read on to learn details.

    02 Nov 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The Halloween update is now live on the Warface server! Loads of interesting novelties and hellishly spooky items for the best Warface Halloween.

    21 Oct 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In the latest update: A new agent and a dedicated set, additions for the mod system, game improvements, and other changes.

    14 Oct 2022
    Patch Notes
  • A large-scale seasonal update "New Power" brings you Mods 2.0, the Molotov, class balance tweaks, new in-game activities, and other changes. Read on for more details!

    27 Sep 2022
    Patch Notes