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  • A hotfix has been installed on the game servers, it addresses a critical bug that caused the client to crash.

    24 May 2023
    Patch Notes
  • A new in-game event, a new weapon series, improvements of older models, and other tweaks and fixes are waiting for you in this update. Read on!

    17 May 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this hotfix we've changed contracts for parts, tweaked the "Challenge" event, and fixed some critical bugs from the previous versions.

    20 Apr 2023
    Patch Notes
  • We've fixed bugs related to Ranked Matches and the Ranked Matches shop, not working profile action buttons in battle, and the bug with debiting currency for activating contracts.

    07 Apr 2023
    Patch Notes
  • A new "Plant the Bomb" map, the "Rift: Revelation" PvE mission, improvements to the Ranked Matches, the "Hardcore" gear set and other changes are already live! Read on for more.

    28 Mar 2023
    Patch Notes
  • The hotfix includes fixes to critical bugs related to the disappearance of weapons from the characters' hands and a strong muzzle flash when firing the IMBEL IA2 Assault.

    02 Mar 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this update: a novelty for medics, Agent Buffalo set, changes to the frag grenade, and a bunch of bug fixes.

    21 Feb 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, find new festive items dedicated to St. Valentine's Day, a thematic contract, change of the rank requirement to access "Professional Players" channels and a fix to the bug due to which it was impossible to exclude a player from a clan if they were offline.

    10 Feb 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this update: "Supremacy" event, Throwing Tomahawk, Agent Mongoose set, updated player profile window, and other tweaks and fixes.

    25 Jan 2023
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we've changed the Quick Play map rotation, allowed the Molotov Cocktail in Ranked Matches, and added content dedicated to Lunar New Year.

    20 Jan 2023
    Patch Notes