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Update - 21.02.2023

Categories: Patch Notes


An update has been installed onto the servers! In it, you can find a novelty for medics, Agent Buffalo set, changes to the frag grenade, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Previous version

New Content

Benelli M2 SP

A semi-automatic rifle developed by an Italian manufacturer, Benelli Armi, for shooting competitions. The novelty sports excellent damage and fire rate, as well as a spacious magazine. One of the special features of M2 SP is the ability to load two shells at once.

The novelty can be upgraded with mods, including unique ones. One increases damage to the extremities, the second significantly increases the amount of pellets for each shot while decreasing their individual damage, the weapon's range and accuracy.

The golden version has a slightly better range.

Agent Buffalo Set

Ben Buffalo is a Native American of Comanche descent. The set includes an Agent Buffalo Engineer Suit, SIG MPX Copperhead, Makarov Pistol, and a Karambit of the "Motor Shop" series, as well as skins for the regular versions of these weapons, an achievement set, and a Buffalo charm.

The agent's content will soon be available in the game. You can find out more about the tasks and rewards, and about Ben himself in an upcoming separate publication.


  • Added two new weapons to the Rally series line-up: SA Hellion and Kel-Tec RDB-C.
  • Added new Ranked Shop content: Baroque Kunai Knife, a weapon charm, and an achievement set. The novelties will later be available in the seasonal shop. Don't miss out!
  • Added eSport content: Victorious Black Hawk, a weapon charm, and an achievement set.

Content Changes

Weapon stats


  • Damage increasing mod: increased explosion radius penalty (from 1 m to 2 m).
  • Radius increasing mod: decreased explosion radius bonus (from 2 m to 1 m).

Weapons and gear

  • Throwing Tomahawk: added sound effects when receiving damage from this model.
  • Scout Knife: added new idle and striking animations.


  • Contracts: some tasks now feature a button, by pressing which you can go to the mode that you can complete it in (for example, in tasks where you need to eliminate enemies in PvE, you can now go directly to the related section from the contract's window).
  • Player profile:
    • now the achievements are sorted by date of acquisition;
    • you can now see more information about the player by pressing Space;
    • improved the background blur when opening the player info window — before, some texts were hard to read.
  • Updated icons of some in-game items.
  • Updated localisation: added some missing in-game item descriptions and texts, fixed some inconsistencies.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a bug, due to which the scoreboard would sometimes not be displayed after a game and the rewards would arrive with a delay.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which some devices (such as M26) had additional bonuses from using skins of a different device. Skins are cosmetic and should not impact the item's characteristics.

Weapons and gear

  • Sentry 12: fixed a bug, due to which attachments would sometimes disappear off the gun (the issue was resolved by changing the attachments once).
  • SIG MPX Copperhead:
    • fixed a bug, due to which by picking up the same type of weapon of a different series, the ammo was restored instead of changing the weapon;
    • fixed a bug, due to which handle-hitting did not interrupt the reload of the left weapon, in case the player used a double-wield model;
    • fixed a bug, due to which the installed attachments would sometimes not be displayed in the post-match statistics screen.
  • Tavor CTAR-21 Special: fixed a bug, due to which the bullets would fly below the crosshair when using a 2x-zoom.
  • Vigilance Rifles A-M20: fixed a bug, due to which the long distance shooting sounds would be played out incorrectly.
  • Mauser C96 Custom (Akimbo-Guns mod): fixed a bug, due to which the character's hands would sometimes disappear after respawning and switching to pistols.
  • Winter Holiday Bat: fixed a bug, due to which hard strike sounds would sometimes not be played out.
  • Dual-wield weapons:
    • fixed a bug, due to which the time spent with having the weapon in hands would not be counted towards the player's personal statistic;
    • fixed a bug, due to which the shadow would sometimes be incorrectly displayed in the 1st person view.
  • SED's machine guns, Arcus Scout, Arcus Tactics, Arcus Megadez and the Hephaestus Flamethrower: fixed a bug, due to which it was sometimes possible to use the weapon even after it overheated.
  • Spectre vests: fixed a bug, due to which the icon of the HP restoration mod would sometimes not be displayed.
  • Fixed a bug, due to which some weapons with an underbarrel grenade launcher would work incorrectly when the player reached a checkpoint with empty ammo.


  • RM: fixed a bug, due to which no ranked currency would be gained when first advancing to a new league or division.
  • Bag and Tag: fixed a bug, due to which it was impossible to create a room on the Exclusion Area map.
  • District 2.0: fixed a bug, due to which matches on the old map version would not count towards the progress of special achievements for wins.
  • Bounty Hunt:
    • fixed a bug, due to which sound effects and comments would sometimes be played out with a delay;
    • fixed a bug, due to which the coin counter would sometimes overlap the weapon mod installation window.
  • District 2.0: fixed a bug, due to which the player could get into places on the map they were not supposed to reach when using certain gear set items.

Good luck in the game, and we'll see you in Warface!

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