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  • A new season "Tropical Trails" has kicked off in Warface: Clutch! Check out the new seasonal activities, changes to special operations, a brand-new map for the Free for All mode and a bunch of bug fixes.

    20 Jun 2024
    Patch Notes
  • This update launches the celebratory fireworks for the 5th anniversary of MY.GAMES and brings the Anniversary Arena event as well as some new content!

    27 May 2024
    Patch Notes
  • With this update, we're rolling out a bunch of bug fixes and adding a few content tweaks.

    08 May 2024
    Patch Notes
  • This update brings a number of bug fixes and changes in the content.

    12 Apr 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we're launching the "Egg Hunt" event! In the publication, you can also see the status of the current issues.

    28 Mar 2024
    Patch Notes
  • Spring is here, but don't hurry to lose those mittens yet, the new season of Warface: Clutch will take you on a journey through a cryogenic lab on the "Freezing Point" map and shower you with new BP, RM and PvE content!

    20 Mar 2024
    Patch Notes
  • Lucky be this day, as we're bringing something awesome with this update! A new winter event, Lunar New Year activities, and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

    08 Feb 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we’ve fixed some bugs, made tweaks to the PvP map rotation and added a brand-new contract with a twist!

    25 Jan 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we’ve fixed some bugs and added changes to the content.

    28 Dec 2023
    Patch Notes
  • A very merry update has been installed on the game server, delivering a festive event with a brand-new mode, a holly bunch of new thematic items, and a number of fixes.

    14 Dec 2023
    Patch Notes