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Modification System 2.0: Now in Game!

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We are happy to introduce a redesigned modification system. A few words about the main changes — now, mods are unlocked as you play, there are new customization bonuses for the accumulated progress, the progression system is now more convenient and new modifiable weapon models have appeared. Want to know the details? Read on!

About the Modification System

The Modification system is new progression mechanics for in-game items. It allows to change the specs of certain primary or secondary weapons as well as the "Spectre" gear by applying mods. The modification system allows the player to improve his or her guns and customize their characteristics to better suit his or her individual game style.

In the modification system, by completing special contracts, or leveling up through the item progression, you can get a special currency — parts, which can then be used to customize articles with mods. Weapons and gear level up while playing with them. The more you use an item in the game, the higher its level, and the greater the range of available mods. For different types of weapons (assault rifles, shotguns, etc.) there is a different set of mods available.

Reasons for the Changes

The previous mod system, in our opinion, had a number of drawbacks. Among the most important were the random drop of mods, a small list of weapons that could be modified and the lack of possibility to save received mods.

We have fixed them so that the player now can afford weapon improvement and is interested in it. We also wanted to bring back the relevance of some of the legendary models that were very popular among players in the past years.

About the Changes

New Progression

In the new progression system, the number of levels has been reduced to 40. The first levels in the progression are very easy to achieve and require a small amount of experience, but as you level up, the progression will gradually become more difficult. The current progress of items will be saved — if you have upgraded a weapon by half (level 50 out of 100), it will automatically be converted to level 20 in the new system. In addition, mods currently installed on weapons will be transferred to the Inventory while maintaining their rarity.

Weapon Progression

You can speed up the weapon progression by using a Mastery Booster or by purchasing the levels.

As you upgrade weapons, you can get various items: new mods, parts, unique equipment, and mod slots. In addition, upon reaching the last levels of mastery of some weapons, you will receive customization items (read more about them below).

Item Leveling Up

You can earn mastery points in battles. The more you use a weapon, the higher is your mastery level, and the more mods are available for you.

The mod system aims to increase the amount of time a weapon stays up to date. Thus, you will receive new weapons that can be improved over time. It will take some time to get the best combination of legendary and unique mods and, thus, to boost weapons to the ideal.

In addition, we continue to balance the item level up speed in PvP and PvE. We have increased the overall amount of experience gained in PvP, as, now, items level up much faster in PvE. We will closely monitor your feedback and various indicators. If necessary, we will change the item progression speed in the future.

Mod Inventory

All mods available for a weapon model can be obtained by playing and increasing your mastery. Once you have unlocked mods, they will drop in your Inventory, where you can improve them with parts or install them on weapons before the fight.

There are two types of mods: upgradable and unique. Accordingly, the first type of mods can be improved, but the second one cannot. In addition, upgradable mods are highlighted in a certain colour in the Inventory: for example, a regular mod has a white slot, an epic mod has a purple slot, and a legendary mod has a gold slot.

Mod Inventory

You cannot use two unique mods at the same time — you can only install one unique and two regular ones.

Arsenal Expansion

The list of modifiable weapons remained the same with the addition of a few older models. Among them are: AK-47, Fabarm P.S.S. 10, Remington 870 RAS, SR-2 Veresk, M40A5 and the Desert Eagle. The possibility to install mods (including unique ones that were designed specifically for those models) made these weapons worthy contendants to challenge the latest novelties. So, for example, by using a particular set of mods, you can bring the combat efficiency of the M40A5 sniper rifle close to that of the AWP as it would have similar specs and the chance to one-tap opponents even in the best gear.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

Click on the image below to enlarge it.

In the future, we plan to periodically expand this list with other popular weapons as well as new models designed specifically with the mod-system in mind.

Older Models

Now, almost all mods for guns from the old Vendor system have no negative effects, which would make them even more powerful.

They are be less competitive than the newer models; however, the time to upgrade the guns of this category was significantly reduced compared to the models specifically designed for the system.

Customization Items

So, imagine you have upgraded your gun to the top level. What next? You get special items to show off your mastery! The set includes a charm with a miniature weapon model, a unique stripe, and a camo. Below, you will find a demonstration of a few of them.



OTs-14 Groza

Fabarm P.S.S.10

SR-2 Veresk


Mauser Kar98k

Desert Eagle

Makarov Pistol


Fabarm P.S.S.10


Mauser Kar98k

Desert Eagle

AK-47 Master

OTs-14 Groza Master

Fabarm P.S.S.10 Master

SR-2 Veresk Master

AKS-74U Master

Mauser Kar98k Master

Desert Eagle Master

Makarov Pistol Master

Acquiring Parts

There are new ways of getting parts — you can get a certain amount of them in Battle Pass. In addition, in the future, parts might become available as special offers in the game shop.

Future Plans

The work on making mods better does not stop here — some changes and tweaks are planned up until the end of the year.

  • Passive item upgrading. Some guns will be gradually upgraded if they are equipped but not used in battle. This will allow the player to not spend the entirety of their playtime with a gun to level it up.
  • New loadout models. The list of modifiable weapons will be expanded with truly legendary models. Which ones? Learn more in future publications!

We will pay close attention to your customizations and feedback and, if needed, will balance the mod system by making them weaker or stronger.

How do you like the new system? Share your thoughts in the comments! If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments as well, we will address them in future publications.

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