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  • The new game version features two new maps for the "Team Deathmatch" mode, in-game shop UI improvements, a brand-new submachine gun, a secondary weapon, and a cool character skin as well as a pack of bug fixes. 

    27 Apr 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The game now offers an in-game event, weapon models, a new PvP mode and a PvE mission, bug fixes and much more. Read on to learn the details! 

    07 Apr 2022
    Patch Notes
  • On March 16th, the "Rock Solid" seasonal update was installed on the game server. After that, players faced a number of issues. In this article, we'll share the status of those problems.
    06 Apr 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The fresh update includes a new Rifleman weapon IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle, April Fool's Day content, Agent Ghost set and important bug fixes.

    28 Mar 2022
    Patch Notes
  • In this hotfix, we have fixed some crashes and the issue with getting prestige levels without gaining enough experience. In addition, a few more bugs have been corrected and minor tweaks have been made.

    18 Mar 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The "Rock Solid" season includes a new progression system, improved Battle Pass, reworked maps, multiple novelties and improvements.

    17 Mar 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The update features multiple novelties, game improvements and important bug fixes. Read on to learn more.

    10 Feb 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The update brings the possibility of deleting expired items with a special button and many new features, as well as multiple bug fixes.

    01 Feb 2022
    Patch Notes
  • The current game version features a new weapon Barrett MRAD Mk22, fixes to certain bugs, weapon tweaks and reinforcement of the game defence system.

    12 Jan 2022
    Patch Notes
  • We have added the festive event "Winter Fiesta" and holiday maps for it in the new version. We have also reworked specific "Snowstorm" gear specs and fixed some bugs.

    20 Dec 2021
    Patch Notes