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  • Soon, a thrilling new addition to the "Free for All" mode will appear in the game. Feast your eyes on the stunning visuals in this publication and stay tuned for its release!

    18 Jun 2024
    Dev News
  • Summer is just around the corner! This upcoming PvE season will bring even more revamped Special Operations and exciting new thematic content. Let’s dive in and explore what's in store!

    17 Jun 2024
    Dev News
  • To thank you for your support and patience during the recent issues, we will be giving out compensation! All players will receive boosters, Resurrections Coins, WF$, Crowns and Black Market Coins! Read on to learn the details. 

    04 Apr 2024
    Dev News
  • To thank you for your patience and reports, we'll be providing compensation for the “packet loss”  issues some players have recently experienced in the game.

    07 Mar 2024
    Dev News
  • Now, repairing weapons and gear has become a thing of the past, and you’ll be able to earn more in-game currency and increase your weapon mastery boost with WF$! Read on to learn the details. 

    07 Mar 2024
    Dev News
  • TL;DR, the experiment went well; we are keeping the common pool of PvP channels on a permanent basis.

    22 Feb 2024
    Dev News
  • The upcoming game update will feature new headshot sound and visual effects. Here's a sneak peak.

    04 Dec 2023
    Dev News
  • A new Battle Pass is now available in Warface! You can get new weapons of the "Cursed" and "Bone" series, and other thematic rewards through the BP progression and BP contracts.

    28 Sep 2023
    Dev News
  • The current PvE system has undergone some changes! A brand new PvE shop, PvE ranks and difficulty tweaks - check out this publication for more info.

    15 Sep 2023
    Dev News
  • In the new season, a new map "Manor" has expanded the Team Deathmatch map pool! Have a look at the cool Scandinavian setting of the map and its top down scheme.

    13 Sep 2023
    Dev News