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  • This update launches the celebratory fireworks for the 5th anniversary of MY.GAMES and brings the Anniversary Arena event as well as some new content!

    27 May 2024
    Patch Notes
  • With this update, we're rolling out a bunch of bug fixes and adding a few content tweaks.

    08 May 2024
    Patch Notes
  • This update brings a number of bug fixes and changes in the content.

    12 Apr 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we're launching the "Egg Hunt" event! In the publication, you can also see the status of the current issues.

    28 Mar 2024
    Patch Notes
  • Spring is here, but don't hurry to lose those mittens yet, the new season of Warface: Clutch will take you on a journey through a cryogenic lab on the "Freezing Point" map and shower you with new BP, RM and PvE content!

    20 Mar 2024
    Patch Notes
  • Lucky be this day, as we're bringing something awesome with this update! A new winter event, Lunar New Year activities, and a bunch of fixes and improvements.

    08 Feb 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we’ve fixed some bugs, made tweaks to the PvP map rotation and added a brand-new contract with a twist!

    25 Jan 2024
    Patch Notes
  • In this update, we’ve fixed some bugs and added changes to the content.

    28 Dec 2023
    Patch Notes
  • A very merry update has been installed on the game server, delivering a festive event with a brand-new mode, a holly bunch of new thematic items, and a number of fixes.

    14 Dec 2023
    Patch Notes
  • The new season is live, and it brings a ton of new content! New BP, RM, Prestige and PvE seasons, more SOs in the updated PvE system, and many improvements to the game. Take the challenge on by storm and let the Northern Lights guide you!

    05 Dec 2023
    Patch Notes