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Update - 07.07.2022

Categories: Patch Notes


A hotfix has been installed on the server. There, you will find an Agent "Impulse" set, adjustments to the grenade explosion sounds, as well as new maps' bug fixes. On top of that, we have fixed some bugs from the previous versions.

Previous version

New Content

Agent "Impulse" Set

The set includes weapons and camos of the "Handicraft" series, a skin for Engineer, a weapon charm and agent-themed achievements, and new contracts that you can complete and get the agent's contents as well as other useful items. We will tell you more about the agent and her story in future publications.

Soon in Game

The weapons below will be reworked as per testing results. New versions of the models will appear in the game later.

K&M Arms M17

This rifle is a modern version of the Bushmaster M17S bull-pup rifle designed and produced by the K&M Arms company. The novelty offers several cool features — a special hybrid sight and a rangefinder.

On the weapon's screen you can check the remaining bullets in the magazine, the ammo, and the distance to your aim. Furthermore, you can press E to toggle between the reflex sight and the scope.

Desert Tech MDRX

The Desert Tech MDRX is a shortened bullpup SMG produced by a US-based company DesertTech Inc. The novelty offers a good set of features: high damage, great damage multipliers, and excellent damage at a distance. This allows its owners to one-shot enemies, even with the best armour sets.

Bug Fixes

Weapons and Gear

  • Quartz Switchblade: fixed a bug that sometimes caused the blade to be displayed incorrectly.
  • All versions of the OTs-14 Groza, JS 9mm Custom and Makarov Pistol: fixed a bug, due to which the models showed incorrect characteristics.


  • "D17 Modern":
    • fixed a bug, due to which there was an invisible obstacle on the "Flank" position;
    • shoot-throughs that provided some unintended advantage have been removed on several positions (for example, by the first detonation point).
  • "Pyramid Modern":
    • fixed a bug, due to which on the "Boost to 1" point a bomb could be thrown to an unreachable spot and it could not be picked up again;
    • fixed some bugs, due to which the player could shoot through the walls on five different positions.


  • Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when trying to acquire item sets from the game shop display case.
  • Ranked Matches 3.0: fixed a bug that caused interface elements to be incorrectly displayed in some screen resolutions.
  • Turned down the sound of grenade explosions.

Known Issues

  • The rank progression XP is shown to go down when the player gets rolled back in the leagues or divisions of the Ranked Matches. This happens after the match ends and is purely visual — the player's XP does not actually go down.
  • Modification system: the mods' effect on the weapon's characteristics does not show in the interface. This is a visual bug — in actuality, the mods work as they should.
  • Missing some item icons (for example, of a random box with F90 MBR).
  • SAR 109T Specs: the weapon's damage is displayed incorrectly in the lobby. This is a visual bug, its characteristics did not change.
  • An old version of the map "Hangar" is still in rotation.

See you in the game!

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