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Now in Game: WF$ Economics Rework

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Now, you don't need to worry about repairing weapons or gear anymore! We’ve disabled the system entirely and are welcoming a new page of indestructible items. We're also committed to making the WF$ system more intuitive and useful, with our next focus being the introduction of the bonus currency vault and bonus weapon mastery boost

Disabling Weapon Durability


After reevaluating the durability and repair system, we've determined that this feature is outdated and restricts the gaming experience for rookie players. Which is why we're disabling the system entirely. Worrying about deteriorating gear and weapons will soon be history.

How will this work?

After the last update, the system has been disabled and the repair mechanic will no longer be accessible. Any items that have lost durability before the shutdown will be restored to a mighty 100%, so we’re all on equal footing. 

This also means that you will no longer receive repeats of permanent drops from Random Box, as that will not affect durability. 

Bonus Currency Vault

As the PvE system evolves, so do its features! We’re introducing a brand-new way to earn bonus currency from completing PvE missions and boost your XP –the bonus currency vault. You’ll be able to use your WF$ to increase the amount of bonus Crowns or other in-game currency you earn. 

How will this work?

By investing WF$, you’ll be able to “feed” a currency pool with a currency of your choosing, let’s use Crowns as an example. As you fill the pool with a certain number of Crowns, you increase the pool’s level. This in turn influences both the quantity of bonus Crowns you can earn and their cost. As the pool's level rises, so does the potential yield of bonus Crowns, however at a higher cost.

Here's the gist: every time you earn Crowns through PvE, you'll receive an equivalent amount from the bonus pool, along with XP. Subsequently, the pool's balance decreases by the number of Crowns you receive. If the bonus Crowns in the pool fall short of your reward, you'll only receive the available bonus Crowns from the pool.

Please note: you cannot receive bonus Crowns from the pool by completing contracts or receiving Crowns through any means other than earning them in battle.

This exciting feature will enhance not only your PvE experience but will work in Events and Ranked Matches going forward, offering a new avenue to bolster your currency reserves and boost your progression.

Bonus Weapon Mastery Boost

The modification system is also getting a taste of that WF$ touch up! You can now add an extra boost to your weapon mastery progression. 

How will this work?

This system will allow you to use WF$ to purchase a weapon mastery booster for a specific weapon that you’re leveling through in the progression system. And, similarly to the bonus currency vault, you’ll also get the chance to upgrade that boost using WF$. With each purchase, the percentage of that boost goes up, letting you climb that mastery ladder with top speed. And once you’ve maxed out your weapon in the system, you won’t be able to add any more boosts to it, so on to the next!

Get ready to level the playing field!

See you in the game!

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