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Soon: SpecOps Rework and new PvE content!

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That's right — we're anticipating a heat wave on the battlefield and a new PvE season coming our way! Make sure to have your sunscreen ready because this time, we’ve revamped even more Special Operations and a PvE mission setting. Plus, we’re cooking up some brand new, exclusive content. Let’s dive right in!

PvE Rework

While the core mechanics of the system remain unchanged—including seasonality, grades, and the seasonal PvE shop—we are adding more reworked Special Operations and a PvE mission to the rotation! Soon Special Operations "Blackout," "Earth Shaker," and "Sunrise" will broaden the Operation pool. Plus, you’ll once again have the chance to complete missions in Africa! Get ready to dive into fresh challenges and stunning landscapes.

New Content

Soon, exclusive content will make its way to the seasonal PvE shop! There you’ll be able to grab weapons from the all new “Bandarlog” series. Swing into action with a line-up that's as agile and ferocious as its namesake. Each weapon in the "Banderlog" series features jungle-themed designs, complete with vine wraps, vibrant colours, and cheeky monkey motifs. Whether you’re ambushing enemies from the treetops or going ape in close-quarters combat, the "Banderlog" weapons will ensure you’re always one step ahead of the competition!

Get ready to bring on the heat!

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