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  • The time has come to set off for the Red Planet!

    19 Jun 2019
    Patch Notes
  • Thompson M1928, new festive achievements and other changes

    07 May 2019
    Patch Notes
  • The new game update brings SIG MPX SBR Custom submachine gun, the expansion of "Spectre" gear series, the changes to a range of weapons and more!

    22 Apr 2019
    Patch Notes
  • The "Specter" equipment, revamped "Widestreet" map, Golden McMillan CS5 and its upgraded regular version, Maxim 9 and Marlin 1894 Custom and much more await.

    01 Apr 2019
    Patch Notes
  • New mechanics, HArms CQR assault rifle, notification center and much more!

    13 Mar 2019
    Patch Notes
  • Bringing changes to a range of weapons, a new “Sanctuary” map for “Free for All” mode, SAP-6 shotgun and much more.

    23 Jan 2019
    Patch Notes