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"Legends" Update: Known Issues

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On March 28th we've installed a seasonal update "Legends" on the servers. The update featured many changes — ranging from new content to technical tweaks. Some of them required longer player information processing time than usual. This imposed an automatic limitation on the number of players that could log into the game at the same time, so that the server could correctly analyse their data (each player's information was analysed separately upon log-in). This elongated the waiting time and caused problems that manifested as a black screen. We've managed to stabilise the situation regarding the log-in waiting time issue. However, some of the other problems could not have been solved quickly, and they require additional research and fixing through maintenance work and an installation of a hotfix.


  • Visual bug with currency subtraction when activating contracts. For example, Crowns could be subtracted twice for activating a "Legends" contract — 1000 instead of 500, but only on the client side. The server values are correct, and the contract's price (500 Crowns) is only subtracted once from the player's account. To restore the correct value, you need to update your balance — restart the game or buy anything from the game store.
  • Multiclass skins in RM. It is possible to buy a Rifleman skin for all classes in the RM shop. Shortly, we will take the item back from the players' inventories and replace it with the right one.

To Be Fixed in the Next Update

  • Incorrect work of the matches in-between the leagues in RM. Sometimes, four successful matches instead of three are needed to get promoted to the next league.
  • Currency limit can sometime be ignored in RM. Sometimes, the player gets more currency than the limit allows (3300) after finishing a match.
  • FPS drop caused by smoke grenades. Some systems lose in performance when the player looks at the smokescreen.
  • Freezes when interacting with the game's interface. Sometimes the game freezes when the player switches classes in the Inventory, when they leave the Shooting Range, or do some other activities.

What is Not an Issue

  • Random box animations became slower. We've received a multitude of complaints regarding slower opening of random boxes. This is a fix of an issue from the "Side by Side" season, when the animation of some actions within the interface sped up significantly.


To thank you for your support and patience, we will give compensation in the upcoming days! Learn more about it in a separate publication.

If you encounter any issues that didn't make it into the publication, please report them on our social media platforms or in the bug reporting channels on our Discord.

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