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December Hotfix

Categories: Patch Notes
We have implemented some small but very important changes in this hotfix. Let’s check out the information below and see what has changed during the maintenance. Be sure to leave your feedback!
Please note: the Christmas update is currently being tested and its release is scheduled for the next week. It will be followed by various festive activities, so stay tuned and keep track of announcements on our social platforms.

Content changes

PvP maps rotation in Quickplay 

Some time ago we introduced a long-awaited feature - PvP map selection in Quick Play. Unfortunately, it led to splitting the search queue and thus increased the matchmaking time. Considering that we plan to disable the region selection in the Game Center in order to prevent people from joining a distant region (and thus making the gameplay less enjoyable for all those involved), we are concerned about this issue and aim to mitigate it ASAP. Details

The following maps will stay in Quickplay on a permanent basis:
  • Plant the Bomb: all maps.

  • Team Death Match: Oil Depot, Hangar 2.0, Street Wars, Aul, Tunnel.

  • Blitz: Residence, Hawkrock.

  • Free For All: Widestreet, Motel, Yard 2.0, District 2.0.

  • Domination: Sirius.

  • Bag and Tag: Icebound, Exclusion Area.

  • Capture: Deposit, Construction.

  • Storm: Invasion, Highhill.

  • Destruction: Lighthouse, Towers.

These maps will be present in this week’s rotation (till the next maintenance):  
  • Team Death MatchDock, Sirius, Airbase

  • Free For AllSanctuary

  • Bag and TagColiseum

  • CaptureQuarry

  • StormBlackgold 2.0

  • DestructionHollywood 


Special operation Event (Part 2)

The second part of the Special Operation Event has already begun! Complete the specified Special Operations till the 23rd of December and get extra rewards! The higher is the difficulty level - the more valuable and exclusive rewards you will get! Details

  • Easy: Box with crafting cards for M4 Custom (x1)
  • Normal: Box with crafting cards for M4 Custom (x2)
  • Hard: “Undertaker” Skin for LWRC SMG-45 + Box with crafting cards for M4 Custom (x3)
  • Completion reward: “Undertaker” Skin for Uzkon UNG-12 + Box with crafting cards for Typhoon F12 Custom (x2)

Known Bugs

  • Surrender vote is temporarily unavailable during the “Swarm”#1 Ranked Matches Season. You can start voting, but the “vote” button will be inactive.
  • Hephaestus Flamethrower:  the visual effect of the flame during the shooting cannot be displayed in a first-person view after the player jumps over the obstacle
  • While playing on a game client with a DirectX 9 support some players can encounter black screen problem after using Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut in a fullscreen mode.  

Make sure your game client is updated to the last version to prevent any new problems. The update will be downloaded automatically as you launch the game. 

Good luck in combat!

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