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"Guns&Dungeons" Mini-Game

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The "Guns&Dungeons" mini-game is now available in Warface: Clutch! Take a break from the routine and get a top-up bonus of up to 400%. Earn the event currency and obtain the Ursula Ellis, Agent Oscar, Major Wharton or Oberon White suits, the Ancient Puzzle charm, parts, temporary skinned weapons, and weapon skins. It's time to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the games of our childhood!


Starting now and until 20:29 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 30th of June, try your luck, complete the game "Guns&Dungeons" and receive a bonus to a payment. The bonus value depends only on the results of the game and can be up to 400%! Intrigued? Let's get down to the details.

You can play the mini-game once for free, then re-play it for Kredits and earn the mini-game currency. Accumulate the event currency and purchase permanent items and weapons for 3 days in a special event store.

Please note: purchasing at least one set of Kredits with a bonus in the platform store is guaranteed to increase the amount of the mini-game currency you earn. The more Kredit packs you purchase, the more mini-game currency you'll earn as you complete the mini-game.

"Guns&Dungeons" Gaming Process

Main Character

You will control a flying spy drone. It has propellers, a manipulator arm, and even a taser that shoots an electrical charge. At the start, you will have 0 data intel and 5 points of energy.

Gaming Process

The spy drone must sneak into a mega-corporation building and steal as much data as possible!

The main building comprises various premises: reception, offices, server rooms, laboratories and much more. In each room, you will find yourself in a certain situation and will be offered 3 options for action, from which you can choose only one. Each option can have 2 outcomes with different rewards. Figure out for yourself which outcomes are the least risky or the most interesting to get the best reward. Depending on the choice, you will receive intel (and you may also lose points of energy).

Explore all rooms, choose the best option, and solve puzzles to find the most valuable information!


You will not be alone - animals, corporation workers, security guards, and even drones with turrets will keep you company. As opponents, of course! Fight enemies and collect data archives. Remember, the higher the risk you expose your drone to, the higher the reward can be. All this you have to check by trial and error.


The game ends when your drone reaches the exit from the corporation building/facility or if it runs out of energy. You will receive a notification with a reward - a bonus for payment - after the game. You will not receive a bonus until you have completed the mini-game.


  • The bonus can be applied to the purchase of one of the specific Kredit packs of 500, 1 100, 2 800, 5 700 or 12 000 Kredits.
  • The bonus is capped at 2 000 bonus Kredits for the 500 and 1 100 Kredits packs, and at 3 000 Kredits for the 2 800, 5 700 and 12 000 Kredit packs.
  • The received bonus and the event currency are available only during the promotion period from now until 20:59 UTC (22:59 CEST) on the 30th of June. Don't put your purchases on the back burner.
  • You can purchase the items in the mini-game store only once for the mini-game currency.

We wish you good luck!

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