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[UPD] New Seasonal In-game Activities

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The adventure filled seasonal update "Treasure Hunters" is already here and offers activities that you won’t have to dig deep for. In this article, we’ll share what activities you’ll be able to participate in during the season, and what rewards are waiting for you. Just select the section that you want to learn more about.

Battle Pass
Ranked Matches

Get ready for some changes in the daily quest mechanic and the progression, brand-new weapon series "Deep" and "Abyss" and contracts for them.

The "Treasure Hunters" Battle Pass will be active until August 21st 2023.


The way the daily quests work has changed. There is now a weekly limit on how many quests the player can take up, namely up to 10 active tasks. The quest slots will be available until this limit is reached. That means that the player can complete all 10 of the quests in one day and wait for the next week to reset the limit, or spread out the tasks throughout the week.

The Battle Pass progression has been extended to accommodate the extra XP players will be getting through daily quests:

  • The XP needed to complete the main progression will be raised from 27 525 to 33 035.
  • The XP needed to complete a class contract will be raised from 21 000 to 29 250.
  • The XP needed to go through an additional BP level will be raised from 2000 to 2500.


The match result display has been reworked in the new Battle Pass. The player can see, by what percentage, their XP is boosted and the sum of all XP they got.

The rest of the Battle Pass mechanics remain the same. In order to get all the guns, you’ll have to take up the challenge of completing 4 class-specific contracts. You'll earn BP XP and complete contracts at the same time, so if you play actively, you'll be able to claim all the guns, as well as accumulate enough coins to purchase parts!

More about the BP

The Battle Pass offers several types of rewards:

  • for the main progression (camos, weapon charms, permanent secondary weapons and achievements);
  • for the additional progression (BP coins);
  • for daily and class-specific contracts (a seasonal weapon box for the former, and BP coins and a cool class achievement for the latter);
  • weapons and parts in the seasonal shop line-up.

More About the Rewards

The Battle Pass is filled with treasures, inside you will find the "Deep" and "Abyss" weapon series, thematic charms, as well as achievements. With these two series of weapons, you can’t help but smell sea salt and hear the seagulls when looking at them. Wait, are those tentacles? Take out your spy glasses and let's have a closer look!

Series "Deep"

The series "Deep" incorporates the ocean itself in its design. Decorated with foamy waves and underwater trinkets, this series combines the beauty and the danger of open water. In it, you’ll find the AS Val Custom assault rifle, the AWP sniper rifle, the H&K VP9 Match pistol, the SAR 109T Specs submachine gun, the VEPR VPO-X3 shotgun, and the Push Daggers.

Series "Abyss"

The "Abyss" series is as deadly as it sounds: decorated with tentacles, sea moss and ornaments reminiscent of the pirate era, these guns remind you that out in the sea the danger can lurk deep within… In the series, you’ll find the Cobalt Kinetics EDGE Rifle, the Cobalt Kinetics Stealth Pistol, the Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven sniper rifle, the HK433 assault rifle, the Kalashnikov USA KHAOS shotgun, the Katana, the M1911A1 pistol, the Mauser C96 Modern pistol, the OTs-48 sniper rifle, the Taurus CT9 G2 submachine pistol, and the V3 TAC-13 shotgun.

New Charms and Achievements

Progression levels remained unchanged. The basic progression chain consists of 25 levels and the additional one consists of 175 (200 levels in total).

New achievements

New charms

Sea Scope


Old Compass

Skull Talisman


Battle Pass Coins

This is the main currency of the Battle Pass that you can spend in the seasonal shop. There are two ways of earning the BP coins:

  • by completing daily and class-specific contracts;
  • by unlocking the additional progression levels.

Please note: All unspent BP coins will expire by the end of the season and will not be transferred to the next. Keep that in mind and try to use them all up!.


Click on the image to see the list of tasks and rewards.

Click on the image to see the list of tasks and rewards.

Click on the image to see the list of tasks and rewards.

Click on the image to see the list of tasks and rewards.

This season's shop line-up offers two types of rewards: parts that you can get of up to 10,000 pcs., and four excellent guns with mod slots from the "Abyss" series: HK433, Taurus CT9 G2, Kalashnikov USA KHAOS, and OTs-48. Show your opponents that you have no equal from the pits of the ocean all the way to the battlefield!

Both temporary and permanent weapon versions can be obtained with coins in the shop. Parts are sold in batches.

To get permanent weapons, you would need to consequently purchase the preceding temporary versions: the ones for 3, 5, 7, and 9 days (costing 25/50/75/125 BP coins accordingly), the permanent version costs 175 coins, making the overall price for the permanent gun 450 BP coins.

The "Treasure Hunters" prestige season will be active until September 13th 2023.

Prestige levels are additional levels (from the 101st to the 1000th) in the progression system that you can unlock as long as the seasonal activity is on. Progressing through the prestige levels is the same as with the regular levels: you play and gain XP for every battle. The only difference is that prestige levels require more XP and are reset each season.

Changes that took place this season:

  • the list of level rewards has been updated: it now features golden versions of OTs-14 Groza, Kalashnikov MP-155 Ultima, SAR 109T Specs and Benelli MR1.

Season Rewards
Overall XP
Overall XP
Ancient coin mark
8 500
Kraken badge
186 400
XP Booster (7 d.)
285 000
Parts (100 pcs.)
385 300
Mastery Booster (3 d.)
486 900
Sea treasure stripe
100 7600
Parts (150 pcs.)
1 542 200
XP Booster (14 d.)
2 085 800
Mastery Booster (7 d.)
2 636 400
Parts (250 pcs.)
3 192 500
Resurrection coins (50 pcs.)
3 753 400
Pirate coin mark
4 318 200
Mastery Booster (14 d.)
4 886 600
A golden version of a weapon
5 458 200
Parts (500 pcs.)
6 032 600
A golden version of a weapon
6 609 700
Helm badge
7 189 200
A golden version of a weapon
7 770 900
Parts (1,500 pcs.)
8 354 700
A golden version of a weapon
8 940 400
Shipwreck stripe
9 528 000
Parts (2,500 pcs.)
10 117 300

UPD: The "Treasure Hunters" Ranked Matches season will be active until September 28th 2023.

Changes that took place this season:

  • Bans and compensations for early leave. Having a player leave the match and contribute to the loss of the entire team is frustrating. However, there are cases when a player has to leave a match for, say, technical reasons. There is no need to indiscriminately punish the leaver and the team that had to play through a game with one less teammate. Now, the game considers different scenarios both for the player, who’s left the match, and the team, who’s had a player leave.
  • New items in the seasonal shop.

We've covered the detailed changes to the RM in this article.

Quick reminder: the ranked currency for the seasonal shop does not expire and will be transferred to the next season.

Have a good game!

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