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Soon in Game: New Content

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Very soon, new content will become available in the game: a Ranked Matches leaderboard, RM matchmaking improvements, new weapon series, a new agent young Lee Wharton and more. 

New Content

Battle Pass "Legends"

We have preserved all the mechanics of the latest Battle Pass, only the rewards have been changed. In the seasonal store, you will find parts (up to 10,000 in total) and new weapons of the "Undead" series — SA Hellion, Benelli M2 SP, Vigilance Rifles A-M20 and Barrett M82A1. As for the progression rewards, the system is familiar: for the main levels, you'll receive achievements, charms, skins and two secondary weapons (a cleaver and a pistol). Additional levels will yield coins for purchases in the Battle Pass store.

Read more about the new season in a separate publication.

"Undead" and "Survivor" Series

Complete the Battle Pass progression and special contracts, and get guns from the new "Undead" and "Survivor" series!

The "Undead" series includes the SA Hellion, IMBEL IA2 Assault, Benelli M2 SP, Vigilance Rifles A-M20 and skins for the Vepr-VPO X3, SIG 552 Commando, Mauser Kar98k, Barrett M82A1, Mauser C96 Custom, Makarov Pistol and Black Hawk.

The "Survivor" series includes the Mateba Autorevolver, Cleaver, AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom and CDX-MC Kraken.

Ranked Matches

We have made a lot of improvements to the Ranked Matches system in the new season. We'll launch a leaderboard, improved team matchmaking in stacks, and add unique rewards for levelling up. Don't forget about the Ranked shop — new items will be waiting for you there! Read more about the novelties below.

"Survivor" Gear

In the seasonal Ranked Matches shop, you can find the new "Survivor" gear set. The equipment develops the concept of a good protection against bullets, but slow regeneration of health and armour.

With the "Survivor"set, recovery begins only after 10 seconds without impact (except for health restoration for the Medic and the armour for the Engineer). But, at the same time, the total number of armour points has been increased (compared to the previous sets of equipment) and limb protection has been improved. The perks are set off by the changes to the set bonuses. Now, bonuses are given only when using all items at once, and there is no longer damage reduction for assault rifles, shotguns and submachine guns.


You can easily track your Ranked Matches progress — your current number of points and place in the ranking. The leaderboard will be updated every few days.

Win matches and show everyone that you are the best player in Warface!

Matchmaking Improvements

Since the launch of RM 3.0, we have received a lot of suggestions for improvements. The most popular one was improving the matchmaking balance. Now, matchmaking in Ranked Matches will be arranged as follows: the system will try to gather in one room equal groups of players.

For example, if five players from the same clan decide to play Ranked Matches, they will be matched with a stack of five players.

League Progression Rewards

After completing the calibration phase, you will receive a unique charm that will change depending on your maximum league in the current season. For example, if you complete the calibration in the "Bronze" league, you will receive a bronze helmet. And if you switch to "Silver", your charm will change. At the same time, don't not worry about losing and returning to the previous league, the charm does not roll back.

Novelties in the Seasonal Shop

In the Ranked shop, you can get new melee weapons, skins for their regular versions, a new smoke grenade, and a new set of customization items: achievements and charms. In addition, a new set of "Survivor" equipment will be available in the shop.

Other Novelties

OTs-48K MK2

The OTs-48K MK2 is a Russian sniper rifle developed in the late 90s for special forces soldiers. Compared to its competitors, the OTs-48 MK2 stands out for its high damage, increased body and limbs damage multiplier, and good firing range.

You can install mods on the rifle, including unique ones. The first mod increases the weapon change speed and crosshair stability, while the second increases the dash speed, set off by reduced rate of fire. The golden weapon version has a more spacious magazine.

Major Wharton Suit

The young Lee Wharton suit will be soon added to the game. At that time, the future general had the rank of major and served in the US Army. Lee Austin Wharton had a successful career, showing excellent skills as a commander and fighter. Very soon, we will reveal the details of his biography. In the meantime, here are the items included in the set: the Major Wharton Sniper Suit, OTs-48K MK2, Desert Eagle, and Hunting Knife of the "Sea Hunter" series, as well as namesake weapon skins, a set of achievements, and a charm.

The content will be available in special contracts, the start of which we will announce in the news.

"Hellraiser" Series

The "Hellraiser" weapon series offers a bright and memorable design. The frames of the weapon models are decorated with a dragon and flames. The series includes the Benelli M2 SP and the Taurus CT9 G2.

New Prestige Season

The new season of prestige levels is coming! New rewards for levels are waiting for you: golden weapons, parts, a set of unique achievements, XP and weapon mastery boosters, as well as useful consumables.

See you in the game!

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