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New PvE Mission "Rift: Revelation" now in game!

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Previously, a secret squad was sent on a mission called "Rift: Infiltration". The task was not easy, and the story ended with the destruction of the sedrium storage and the fighters escaping from the bridge. What happened next? Find out in the new "Rift: Revelation" PvE mission. Watch the video, hop into the game and share your impressions!

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New "Plant the Bomb" Map now in game!
We have some excellent news for the fans of the "Plant the Bomb" mode — a new map called "Antenna" is already in the game! Find more about this map and check out its visuals in this article.
28 Mar 2023 dev_news
"Legends" Season Now Live!
A new "Plant the Bomb" map, the "Rift: Revelation" PvE mission, improvements to the Ranked Matches, the "Hardcore" gear set and other changes are already live! Read on for more.
28 Mar 2023 patch_notes

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