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Get Your NY Cashback Soon

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The "New Year CashBack" offer is over. In this article, we are telling how Kredits will be delivered to the participants' game accounts. Important: We are planning to complete the cashback delivery by January 4th. Below, you can see the stages of the cashback delivery process:

  • First, we will form the list of participants.
  • Then we will carefully check them. Due to the volume of payments, it is very important for us to grant Kredits without errors.
  • After that, we will begin to send Kredits in stages: first, we will grant Kredits for the first stage, then for the second one, the third, and so on. Thus, you will receive Kredits gradually in accordance with the stages in which you participated. Therefore, do not worry if you did not receive the entire amount of cashback at once. Wait for the delivery process to be completed, your Kredits will definitely appear on your account.

As soon as the delivery process is finished, we will publish news about this on the website and on our Discord server.

We wish you good luck in the new year!

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