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Season "Snowstorm" already live!

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The winter season offers a new reworked Battle Pass, contracts for the "Snowstorm" gear, four new weapon models and two weapon series that are already available in the Battle Pass, as well as tweaks to the specs of some arms and a heap of bug fixes. This is the first part of the season. Other novelties will become available later. Read more about them in a separate publication.

Snowstorm Promo Page

Main novelties of the season

The seasonal update features several new weapons: AS Val Custom, OTs-14 Groza, MC 255 12 Custom, Mossberg 590 Custom, JS 9mm Custom, H&K UMP Custom, AMP DSR-1 Custom, as well as a new Battle Pass, winter holidays content and other novelties.

Full Change Log

Please note

  • The specs of the rifle MC 255 12 Custom and the golden version of the shotgun Mossberg 590 Custom are not final. In one of the next updates, they will be changed:
    • MC 255 12 Custom: will be increased damage (from 680 to 700), range (from 7 to 8), as well as reduced rate of fire (from 190 to 170).
    • Golden Mossberg 590 Custom: will be increased rate of fire (from 140 to 142), increased magazine capacity (from 8 to 9), and increased repair costs (from 5400 to 6240).

Good luck in combat!

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