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November Hotfix - 11.11.20 [UPD]

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A minor hotfix to the current game version has been installed on the Warface servers. Check out the information and evaluate the changes in the game!

UPD: At 12:45 UTC (13:45 CET), DirectX 11 support was disabled. We recommend restarting the Game Center and updating the Warface client.
Important : DirectX 11 support is in a testing mode now. If you are facing any problems (such as client crashes) please follow the steps below:  
1. Press small arrow near the "Play" button in the Game centre.
2. Choose "Game settings".
3. Uncheck the DirectX 11 support button and press OK.
In case it doesn't help, please contact our Support service.

Technical improvements

DirectX 11 Support

The game client is featuring DirectX 11 support in a testing mode. It will help the system use modern graphics processors more efficiently and increase performance quality, solving a few problems caused by DirectX 9 at the same time. The game centre can automatically check which version of DirectX is supported by the player’s computer at the moment — and open the corresponding application. Read the details.

In case we face any unexpected issues during the testing, DirectX 11 support may be disabled.


Along with the DirectX 11 support, Warface players will also enjoy brand new NVIDIA Reflex technology decreasing system delay, which can appear between the moment you press the key and its appearance on the screen. You can enable this technology in the graphics setting menu. NVIDIA Reflex can work in a normal mode as well as the turbo one, which disables energy-saving mode in order to work with higher efficiency. We will tell more about the NVIDIA Reflex technology in a dedicated article.

UPD: NVIDIA Reflex Technology is temporarily unavailable due to the disabled DirectX 11 support.

Other changes

  • Now the client with a DirectX 11 support consumes fewer system resources in a minimized window mode.
  • Safehouse content was updated for the upcoming “Swarm” special operation — location is slightly different now, and the shooting range can boast some new targets, looking like arachnids. Apart from that, new mini-game for your shooting skills has been added to the shooting range. You can start the game with a special terminal with a green indicator in the centre of the shooting gallery.
  • Halloween celebration is over. Themed “Farm” and “Street wars” maps as well as the music theme are back to their original versions.

Bug fixes

  • Typhoon F12 Custom "Guardian": fixed the problem due to which weapon had a wrong description.
  • FN P90 Custom, HCAR Auto, M16A3 Custom "Fiesta", Golden Katana, Golden FN SCAR-H, SIG MPX SBR Custom "Frankenstein": fixed the problem due to which kills didn’t count for these weapons during the “Mutiny” battle pass.

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