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Transition to 64-bit and DirectX 11 Support

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Since the last year, the Warface team has been carrying out a smooth transition to 64-bit. We will soon discontinue our support for 32-bit OS and start supporting DirectX 11. Read carefully to understand the upcoming changes!

Transition to 64-only

In one of the next updates, we will fully discontinue our support for 32-bit systems that are now still used by a small percentage of players. If you are one of them, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to 64-bit Windows as soon as possible. Read how to do this in a dedicated article. You can find the system requirements here.


The transition to 64-bit aims to kill two birds with one stone:

  • to improve (optimize) game performance on PCs;
  • to provide new opportunities for future global content development.

Change to 64-bit systems will shorten the development of new content and allow to elaborate higher quality and more varied gameplay on a larger scale as well as improve performance for modern PCs giving the game client the opportunity to use more RAM. User PCs with fewer RAM will be able to employ the page file more efficiently, thus avoiding client crashes.


You can learn more about the transition to 64-bit in the previous publications.

About support for DirectX 11

After one of the next updates, the game client will support DirectX 11. This will make it possible to take advantage of modern graphics processors to improve quality and performance as well as eliminate a number of issues with DirectX 9.

No worries for the owners of video cards that do not support DirectX 11 - you will still be able to use DirectX 9. When launching Warface, the game client will automatically detect which version of DirectX is supported by the player's computer and will run the corresponding executable file. If for some reason the player wants to select the DirectX version manually, he or she can do it via a special option that will appear in the Game Center.

DirectX 11 Executable Library System Requirements
  • Windows 7 and Windows Vista with Platform Update or higher;
  • video cards ATI Radeon HD2000 or higher or Nvidia GeForce 8100 or higher;
  • the processor graphics core GMA X3100 or higher.

The Warface minimum system requirements are higher than the requirements of the DirectX 11 executable libraries. If your computer meets them, then you should not worry. You can check out the game system requirements here.

Stay tuned for further changes. See you in game!

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