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Soon in game: the fifth class

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We are ready to tell you all the details about the most large-scale new feature to be implemented in our game for a long time. The next update will bring to Warface the 5th class that will spice up the gameplay you got used to and give the game a fresh touch. There is a nice bonus waiting for you at the end of the article: the plan of the game development for the upcoming months (including new netcode, by the way). So - be sure to read it to the end!


SED (Synthetically Engineered Double) is a new class; it is an android you have already got familiar with in the latest Special Operations. As for other classes, it is well-balanced and will not be stronger than them; however, it has unique features that will allow for a brand new gaming experience.


There is a range of features that make the class's gameplay unique.

  • Unsurpassed armor. The SED class has a huge armor supply that ensures excellent protection from enemy bullets shot even from the most effective weapon models. This advantage is set off by few health that Medics will not be able to replenish. However, the Engineer class has been adjusted and now they can support SEDs restoring their armor and putting the android back into lines with a special tool — jumper.

  • Heavy weaponry. SED is armored with a heavy machine gun that does not require reloading. Its precision increases with every shot fired. However, there is a drawback to it - SED can shoot only from the hip and the gun tends to overheat so you will not be able to maintain your fire for a long time.

    SED's secondary weapon is a grenade launcher with two charges: explosion deals moderate damage and has a flashbang effect. There are no other guns available yet, but will be quite enough to effectively eliminate enemies. In addition, SED will not be able to pick up guns of other classes and vice versa.
  • Unassisted climbing. Unlike other classes SED can climb high objects without teammates' help: it should only run to an obstacle and jump. This skill will enable it to infiltrate behind the enemy lines or occupy an important vantage point making up for its low mobility.

  • Increased stability. There is no way to knock SED off its feet. Even if it receives uncritical damage from a bolt-action rifle, the android will remain fit for battle. However, due to its slow movement it will be easy for the enemy sniper to land the second blow, potentially killing SED.

As any other class SED has its weak points.

  • Low mobility. SED's impressive armor makes it quite heavy: thus, the android has low running and strafe speed as well as a shorter slide distance. Naturally, "human" soldiers are much quicker. At the same time, the robot's impressive endurance makes up for this drawback.

  • Fragility in melee. SED's main vulnerability is melee combat. One stab with a knife will be enough to disable it.

  • Less gear. SED does not equip the ordinary gear meaning that it cannot get the same bonuses as other classes. Its specs can be upgraded by replacing special modules.

SED is a typical "tank" that thanks to its first-rate armor and unusual weaponry will become an excellent tool for area control and frontal assaults. The new class will drastically change the habitual cooperation tactics and team line-ups in all the game modes.


The introduction of the fifth class will have a significant impact on the roles of other classes. The Engineer will now become some kind of a Medic due to the fact that he will be able to put the android back in line. Teamwork will reach a new level when the new class will become the vanguard closely monitored by the Engineer healed by Medics in their turn.


SEDs have no gear as such. They can replace a set of important modules instead: the head, the body, hands and legs. At the moment there are two types of module systems in game — "Improved" and "Standard". The first one provides a set bonus activated when the head module is equipped with the regular machine gun KAC Chainsaw.
Standard SED head module
Increases head protection by 50%
Decreases flashbang effect by 40%
Standard SED body module
Grants 300 armor points
Decreases damage by 10 points per hit
Protects from explosives by 20%
Standard SED hands module
Increases hand protection by 20%
Standard SED legs module
Increases leg protection by 10%
Reduces slide distance by 40%
Increases sprint distance by 1000%
Reduces sprint speed by 15%
Improved SED head module
Increases head protection by 60%
Decreases flashbang effect by 40%
Improved SED body module
Grants 350 armor points
Decreases damage by 15 points per hit
Protects from explosives by 30%
Improved SED hands module
Increases hand protection by 20%
Increases select and deselect speed by 10%
Improved SED legs module
Increases leg protection by 20%
Reduces slide distance by 40%
Increases sprint distance by 1000%
Reduces sprint speed by 15%
Improved SED gear set
Improves accuracy by 10%
Provides 10 additional damage points dealt
Provides 6 additional minimal damage points dealt

The Standard gear is equipped by default while Improved items will be available for Crowns.


We hope you will appreciate the new class in Warface. Please note that although SED has been tested by the developer team, its most important trial will take place on the main servers that host many more players and, thus, allow for more ways to use SED in game.
We will keep a close eye on the new class. It is important to bear in mind that it is a large-scale novelty and almost all game aspects are involved; that’s why SED’s specs may be tweaked later.
The new class is not the only big update. Below you can find the development plan for the upcoming months which includes adding new content and reworking other important game aspects which have long been on the agenda and concerned our community.

We will soon publish more materials dedicated to the new class.
Start sharpening your knives and good luck in battles!

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