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Warface Competitive Open is coming!

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Don’t miss the chance to take part in Warface Competitive Open in 2019! Every season will last for a month, so you have three more seasons to show yourself!

10 best players of every season will get amazing awards. For the 1st place season's champion can get 3 000 kredits. crowns and “Open Cup 2019” camo:

Go and face it

How to participate


1. Signing Up

Make an account on FaceIt and make sure to verify your email address.

2. Joining a Hub

The list of hubs are on: FACEIT. You are required to enter your real Warface in-game name. Cick on the ''PLAY'' button to put in your warface nickname. Anyone caught smurfing will be banned permanently.

3. Queueing Up

Before queueing, please make sure to read our rules here:

4. Match Found

When a match is found you will get a notification/ringtone that you chose on your FaceIt settings and will have 30 seconds to accept the queue. Once accepted, you will be taken to the FACEIT match lobby, and the players will be sorted with captains and map banning. Your Warface nickname will show under your FaceIt account like this:

5. Hosts

The team on the left side is the host team for the game, and the Captain on that side is responsible for setting up the custom lobby; Captain 1 also starts on defense side. Captains are the main IGL(In-Game Leader) of the game unless someone else in the team volunteers to be the IGL. 

Room Settings

6. Setting results

To set the results ,go to your lobby and click on SET RESULT and proceed to enter the score in this way if your team won:

(if you lost put your score 0-1)

As soon as one team captain sets the result, the other captain has 180 seconds to send in his result or the first team captain's result is automatically accepted as the valid result of the game.

7. Protesting a match

If you face any issue, go to your lobby and tap on RAISE ISSUE and then on CONTACT ADMIN and the staff will be there to assist with the issue. You can raise an issue during the game or maximum one hour after the match.


Join the battle!


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