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February-March Update - finally in game

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The servers have just been updated to the latest game version. Check out the most recent changes, particularly the mechanic and content overhaul, HArms CQR assault rifle, notification center and much more. Let’s take a closer look!


Tap the header to navigate to a feature of interest.

  1. Updated Flashbang Mechanics
  2. Content Changes
  3. Specific Mechanic Changes
  4. HArms CQR.
  5. “Impulse” Series
  6. Other Changes
  7. Bug Fixes

Updated flashbang mechanics

We’ve updated the flashbang mechanics. First, we’ve added extra tracer beams, and that means if the first tracer beam establishes no contact with the player’s camera, the player may still get legitimately flashed and stunned if the three additional beams ‘ricochet’ off the nearby surfaces at them (see. screenshot #1). Apart from that, we’ve solved the issue with the primary beam getting stuck / stopped by minor obstacles, such as grass, wire fences and alike.

Secondly, we’re reducing the flashbang explosion radius, making it more chambered as a whole. This means the player is more likely to be stunned in close quarters. And lastly, we’ve adjusted the system to account for the player’s cam rotation and angles at the time of the explosion which, in simple terms, allows the player to tactically rotate and face away from the explosion to mitigate the stun / flash (see screenshot #2).

This mechanic overhaul required a range of adjustments to be made to helmets that provide flashbang protection.

Due to the flaws of the previous system, some of high-level helmets used to give near impeccable flash protection, while the starter helmets provided little to none. In order to reduce this gap and get some visible results, the stats have been adjusted.

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Content changes

Tournament gear adjustments. Tournament gear has been optimized and upgraded. Aside the base stat growth in specific categories, these sets of gear now grant set bonuses for every piece equipped. As a result, the base costs of these items in the game shop has been slightly increased. Mouse over the “i” icon to see the stat changes.

Rifleman Open Cup Helmet
Increases head protection by 40% (instead of 20%).
Decreases flash bang effect by 40%.
Medic Open Cup Helmet
Increases head protection by 40% (instead of 20%).
Decreases flash bang effect by 40%.
Regenerates 7 health points over time (after 4 secs with no hits).
Engineer Open Cup Helmet
Increases head protection by 40% (instead of 20%).
Decreases flash bang effect by 40%.
Detects enemy mines.
Sniper Open Cup Helmet
Increases head protection by 40% (instead of 20%).
Decreases flash bang effect by 40%.
Detects enemy mines.
Open Cup gloves
Improves accuracy by 15% (instead of 10%).
Increases weapon swapping speed by 20%.
Open Cup shoes
Increases speed while sprinting by 10% (instead of 5%).
Increases sprint distance by 50%.
Delays claymore activation by 3 sec.
Open Cup vest
Increases armor points by 110 (instead of 100).
Increases explosive protection by 40%.
Reduces incoming damage by 10 points per hit.
Reduces incoming melee damage by 20%.
Increases reload speed by 10%.
Complete Open Cup set bonus
Provides 15 additional armor points.

Collimator optimization. Several collimator sights will be optimized to be more comfortable in use. These changes will focus on the following sights: EOTECH 553, MEPRO M21 for UZI PRO, Sig Sauer Romeo 4 for AK Alpha, and the Trijicon RMR Adjustable LED sight for Icebreaker SIG Sauer P226 C. 

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H&K G28 adjustments. Based on player feedback, we’ve adjusted the following specifications of the H&K G28 sniper rifle:

  • Increased zooming speed (in & out)
  • Increased magazine capacity to 15 rounds (18 for the golden version)
  • Reduced recoil

H&K G28 is already up for grabs in the Random Kredit and Crown Boxes in the game!

Armor vest tooltip changes. Now all vests are showing the exact amount of armor they grant to the user. This will add some clarity when picking an optimal vest.

New achievements. Added new achievements awarded for ranking first and securing victories on the following maps: “Pyramid” and “Black Mamba”.

“Icebreaker” and “Earth Shaker” series. The Icebreaker and Earth Shaker weapon skins can now be used with the applicable regular versions of the guns. You can get these skins by selecting the preferred gun in your inventory — any available skins will be displayed in the lower right corner.


Specific mechanic changes

Switching sides in PvP matches. Rounds are now set to be more dynamic and change at the first half of the game. For example, if you need 6 rounds to win the match, the sides (attacker/defender) will be switched after 3 rounds. If the total rounds required to win is an odd number, it’s rounded towards the nearest lowest. Say, you need to win 11 rounds, that means the number’ll be rounded down to 10, and the sides will be switched after 5 rounds are played.

Notification mailbox. We’re reworking the obsolete elements of the interface, and as a part of this optimization initiative we’ve developed a new mailbox that will store all non-critical in-game messages in a separate, comfortable-to-view area. This new feature enables us to unclutter the main screen and make notifications more manageable overall. After a notification is read, it is instantly deleted.

Visual revival effects. This visual effects overhaul allows the player to understand the process of being brought back to life by a Medic or Resurrection Coins more clearly: the played character will now get blinded for a moment during a shock, and the revival will be accompanied by an awakening gasp.



Introducing HArms CQR — a highly ergonomic assault rifle designed by a German manufacturer Hera Arms as an exterior module to the all-time favorite AR-15.

In Warface, HArms CQR is an assault rifle with average rate of fire and effective range, offset by impeccable damage and extremely soft recoil, allowing for long subsequent bursts with no considerable kickback. To further emphasize this quality, the rifle’s outfitted with a high-capacity Magpul drum bag.

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“Impulse” series

A new “Impulse” series is premiering this update, featuring a broad selection of top-performing weapons suited for any combat task. If you already own the basic versions of those guns, you’ll be able to use the “Impulse” skins!

MSBS RadonMSBS Radon
Uzkon UNG-12Uzkon UNG-12
Fabarm P.S.S.10Fabarm P.S.S.10
XM8 CompactXM8 Compact
H&K MP5A5 CustomH&K MP5A5 Custom
Remington R11 RSASSRemington R11 RSASS
Walther P99Walther P99
??????????? ?????Tactical axe


Other changes

  • Optimized client-server communication methods and protocols responsible for game security.
  • Changed connection quality indicator system.

The old indicator system was fairly flawed, as it failed to depict the real picture about one’s connection. It often gave the wrong impression about how your ping affects the gameplay.

To start with, damage registration in cases moving targets primarily depends on the target moving mechanics and only then, secondarily, on connection quality. If your target is moving directly across flat terrain without altitude changes, even the drastic ping values won’t affect the gameplay. We’ve done thorough tests within the development team on this subject, which have been further confirmed by some of our community members (for example, “Monter’s” videos). However, the case changes if the player interacts with some objects, like climbing over an obstacle or jumping over a gap between two crate. In these situations, you can observe irregularities between the picture and the actual target location even at low ping.

We’ve previously attempted to optimize the moving mechanics further, though to no full avail. As of right now, we’re working on the third version of the so-called updated system that we hope to deliver in future. It isn’t related to the ping indicator in any way and should improve the cases described above.

Changing the current indicator system allows us to give players correct information on how their ping affects the actual gameplay. This change is mostly aimed at reducing the negative emotions associated with misleading information provided by the old indicator system, and most importantly, is just a mere step to improving player-to-player and player-to-server interactions.

In the new system, five bars indicate that the delay is no higher than 65ms, a broadly accepted standard for modern titles. The new bars will essentially do a better job at showing how the gameplay is affected by player connection.

  • Players are now able to skip cinematic comics in Special Operations (those that have them); several navigation buttons have been optimized.
  • Increased Resurrection Coin Crown costs.
  • Added a Resurrection Coin Random Crown Box.
  • “Scarlet Dragon”, “Jade Dragon” and “Black Dragon” series now have their own guns and achievements. Stay tuned in March for more about this!
  • Items with 0% durability can no longer be deleted from your Inventory.
  • Added the “Services” button in the main menu.
  • “Battle Royale” map has been changed to “Mojave”.


Bug fixes


  • Fixed the error causing critical client crashes due to insufficient RAM. This is the first step to improving game stability and we’re continuing to work on the next fixes.
  • Fixed the error causing sounds to fail to playback fully or partially during the game.
  • Fixed the error causing the player to be able to see glass surfaces and elements through smoke while aiming.
  • Special Operation “Sunrise”: fixed the error causing SED 2.0 to ignore downed players.


  • Fixed the error causing melee attacks with gun stock to fail to deliver damage, if that weapon had no ammo.
  • Yakuza HCAR: fixed the error with modules Shared Grip and Shared Silencer to be unavailable.
  • Steyr Scout & M1911A1: fixed the error that caused their icons to be displayed incorrectly in the weapon skins menu.
  • Golden H&K G28: fixed the error causing the rifle to fail to deliver increased damage to cyborgs.
  • Daewoo K1: fixed the error causing the “Yellow Emperor” Daewoo K1 to have different weapon specs than the standard (original) version
  • Saiga Spike: fixed the error with gunshot traces failing to display when firing the weapon.
  • SAP-6: fixed the error that allowed the player to fire the weapon before the reload animation was finished.
  • S&W M&P R8: fixed the error that caused the Yakuza and Nuclear versions of this weapon to have different specs than the standard (original) version.


  • “Sanctuary”: fixed the error with players getting stuck in a specific location on the map.
  • Fixed the error that causing the round start countdown timer to work incorrectly in round-based game modes.
  • Fixed the error causing the kill/death count of the selected player to fail to update.
  • Fixed the error causing the player to be able to reconnect to a Ranked Match with prohibited equipment.
  • Fixed the error causing the player class icons to be displayed incorrectly when switching between players in spectator mode.
  • “Bridges”: removed the unintended Sniper “wallbang” spot.
  • Fixed the error causing the player to be able to see the Spectator chat, if they were a Spectator in this very room in a previous game.
  • “Palace”: fixed the error causing the bomb plant marker in Area 1 to provide ‘cover’ to players behind it, granting them unintended advantage.


  • Special Operation “Icebreaker”: fixed the error causing the sidearm model to be missing in AI units’ hands, if they switched their weapon to a secondary.
  • Special Operation “Sunrise”:
  1. Act 2: fixed the error that allowed the enemies to be blocked with a mobile energy shield.
  2. Act 2: fixed the error that caused the objects to be displayed incorrectly based on player distance.
  3. Fixed the error that caused the fallen team members to fail to be revived when the surviving player reached the Control Point.
  4. Slightly increased completion rewards (WF money, XP, VP).
  5. Fixed the error that caused the mobile energy shield to be immune to RPG rounds on “Easy”.
  • “Blackout”: Act 1: fixed the error causing visual artifacts on low video settings.
  • Fixed the error that caused the player to be unable to use a weapon if they joined during a cinematic cutscene.
  • Fixed the error that caused the bolt-action sniper rifle model to disappear if their reload was started simultaneously with a cinematic cutscene.


  • Fixed the error causing a critical client crash when a kick player vote was launched in any PvP game mode.
  • Fixed the error caused the Resurrection Coins to still be available in the loot tables of some specific Random Boxes.
  • Fixed the Random Box name awarded for reaching the first ranked matches league in the winter season.
  • Fixed the chat issues in private PvE rooms appearing when additional players were invited.
  • Fixed critical client crashes caused by joining any room after a contract had expired.
  • Fixed the error causing the battle logs to be displayed even after the interface was disabled in the game settings.


See you in game!

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