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Warface Game Guards rewarded

Categories: Anti-Cheat

Dear players!

We strive to provide fair and non-toxic environment for our players to enjoy the game to its fullest. However, such state of affairs is impossible to create without input from you – be it in a form of feedback or cheater reporting.

In this regard we are extremely grateful to our most active community members who detect cheaters that violate the game rules – and report them to the project’s administration. Specifically for these friendly neighborhood fighters – a special achievement has been created. The first Game Guards are already among us and have a unique reward for their efforts that has been added to the in-game achievements list. More will definitely join their noble cause!

Game Guard – To serve and to protect the game

This stripe is for those of our players whose cheater reports are accurate and don’t accuse honest gamers. Being a Game Guard is a prestigious sign of a true game fan and a community regulator. Thus we seriously investigate your claims and only reward the worthy ones – and not the ones who abuse the report system.

Do you want to join the ranks of Game Guards?  Report the game abusers with the in-game report system but don’t do it too often – learn to differentiate pro players from abusers. If you succeed – you’ll get a proud place among Game Guards.

We also remind you that each Warface player has no more than ten effective reports that can be filed-in during one day.

First aim, then fire!

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