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Earth Shaker Weapons Random Box in store now

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The Earth Shaker Weapons Random Box arises from the pits of hell to the store! If you still do not possess these supreme tools of destruction – now is your time.

Earth Shaker T27


Earth Shaker Accuracy SEVEN


Earth Shaker CCR CQB


Earth Shaker Miller AP6

 Earth Shaker S18G


Earth Shaker Kukri Machete



Don’t forget about themed achievements! Killing 15000 enemies with an “Earth Shaker” weapon provides an achievement of this weapon’s expertise (see the table above).

“The Ring of Fire” mark is seized through disposing of 1000 rivals with melee “Earth Shaker” weapons. Get a “Hot Shot” badge for neutralizing 5000 opponents with secondary weapons. And finally obtain a “Magmatic Touch” stripe for incinerating 10000 foes from any weapons of this burning-hot series.

Please note:

  •  Earth Shaker Weapons Random Box does not contain temporary weapons of the abovementioned guns.
  • Killing enemies with “Earth Shaker” weapons does not contribute towards the achievements of these weapons’ regular versions.

Hell yeah!

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