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Armory: Reloaded

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A heavy battle rifle EXAR-H takes the place of  ZX84 UMP in the store. The time has come for the riflemen to dominate the fields of combat and the fields of glory!

EXAR-H lives up to its reputation of a Battle Rifle with its full-powered rifle cartridge. The legacy of the renowned Belgian arms manufacturer, in Warface EXAR-H combines perfect damage, superb accuracy and a competitive rate of fire.

On the downside, you’ll have to put up with the recoil – a characteristic feature of any heavy weapon. However, as soon as you learn to deal with it – you will master the assault masterpiece of EXAR-H.


Special Operations Forces

Kill 10,000 enemies with the EXAR-H or its gold version

Advanced Special Operations Forces

Kill 25,000 enemies with the EXAR-H or its gold version

Ambitious strike

Kill 999 enemies with a Gold EXAR-H


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