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January Update - now in game

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Dear Players!

The new Update is on its way! It will introduce the gold version of CCR CQB, new weapon skins, the first win bonus readjustment and bug fixes. Read the full changelog below!



Apart from receiving a gold variant, the non-golden versions of CCR CQB got buffed: damage, RPM and limbs multiplier have been increased; meanwhile damage drop off has been decreased. Recoil has also been improved by adding anti-macro pattern.

CCR CQB Random Box now contains Smuggler’s Card.

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OpenCup Weapon Skins

LAN-finale of Global Warface Open Cup: Season XII is almost upon us! This season had the largest scale in the history of this tournament. To celebrate this - special commemorative skins will be soon available.



WX Metasoma Evo3 A1

Atheris GQ50

W&S P8

Survival Tanto Knife

The “OpenCup” weapon skins consist of rifleman’s RGX160, medic’s PEG-7, engineer’s WX Metasoma Evo3 A1, sniper’s Atheris GQ50, revolver W&S P8 and Survival Tanto Knife.

Rewards Readjustment

  • Special Operations: The rewards for “Anubis”, “Blackout”, “Black Shark” and “Icebreaker” have been increased.
  • PVP: The first win bonus for PVP game modes has been decreased.

Other changes:

  • Team Death Match map “Grand Bazaar” has been removed.
  • The current login streak will stay till February Update.

Bug Fixes:

  • Pripyat: “SED Exterminator” stripe is now counted correctly.
  • Earth Shaker: The lighting has been improved in some parts of the map.
  • Now it’s impossible to prone/stand without delay.

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