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“Earth Shaker” series – TWM308 now in shop

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If you choose the marksman class you best be ready to leave yourself little to no room for error. “Every second counts, every shot matters” – is a motto of every sniper and it seems to be shared by the manufacturers of this very rifle. As suggested by the name, TWM308 is chambered in .308 caliber, thus a single shot is more than enough to take your target down. Combined with its outstanding range and mind-blowing penetration capabilities, TWM308 emerges the ultimate tool for the job. Outfit the rifle with a 4.5x zoom scope for maximum precision at long ranges and make use of the flash guard – not only will it reduce your muzzle flash, making your shot overall less visible, but also enhance your shot, reducing damage drop.

Let’s get down to bare facts:

  • You can obtain “Earth shaker” TWM308 from the Random Kredit boxes up until the 16th of May.
  • The rifle can be used in official Warface tournaments.
  • Get exclusive achievements for eliminating 15000 enemies with the “Earth Shaker” TWM308, and keep in mind it also counts towards “Magmatic Touch” – 10000 kills with “Earth Shaker” weapons altogether!
  • Better wear fireproof gear, this gun’s LAVA-shly hot.

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