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Explosive Friday – Cinco de Mayo

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Why should engineers have all the fun? We all feel a little volatile every now and then, and now on the Cinco de Mayo your explosive kills with result in a special reward!

The event starts on the 5th of May at 00:00 and lasts until 23:59. The objective is to eliminate 25 enemies in PvP game modes with explosive kills: land mines, grenades or grenade launchers – it all counts! As a reward, you will receive 50 Claymore antipersonnel mines and 50 flashbangs.

Did you know?

Cinco de Mayo is a widely observed holiday in the United States, associated with the celebration of the Mexican-American culture. From a historical point of view, not only was the unexpected victory of Mexican outnumbered forces highly inspirational, it was the last invasion of the Americas from another continent.

Feeling creative? Submit your coolest explosive kill screenshot on our official Facebook page until 5th of May 23:59 UTC and get a chance to win a 7-day Mega VIP Booster!

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