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“Earth Shaker” series – AY P226 and Katana now in shop

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There’s hardly going to be anyone to question the importance of maintaining your weapon, after all a single malfunction may cost you your life. And that is double the case for sidearms, designed to be the reliable alternative if things go south – so don’t settle for anything less than AY P226 has to offer! The pistol comes with a custom silencer, designed to provide additional stability and thus – accuracy, without affecting bullet velocity.

And just in case you run out of ammo, slash ‘em up with the “Earth Shaker” katana, leaving only a smoke trail with a flick of an arm.

You can find the AY P226 Pistol and the Katana of the “Earth Shaker” series in Random Kredit boxes in the shop. Tip: these can help you survive the encounters of Fourth kind, because no one’s going to mess with you when you’ve got these at your side.

Killing N enemies with either of the weapons will award you a respective achievement that you can highlight on your profile. Or just take them both and give your enemy the Magmatic Touch – counts towards all eliminations with any “Earth Shaker” weapons!


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