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New in the shop: Frozen AY 226 and Tactical Axe

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Soldiers, attention!

Take a look at your sidearm and melee weapon. Now take a look at AY P226 and Tactical Axe 'Icebreaker'. Take a good look. Feel the difference? It can save your life!

AY P226 is a superb semi-automatic pistol boasting high damage thanks to its velocity, competitive effective range and rate of fire, controllable recoil, and on the top of that -- an extended magazine up to 20 rounds! The sidearm comes with a unique suppressor designed to stabilize the weapon to increase your accuracy whilst keeping bullet velocity in check. Another feature is a Trijicon RMR ADjustable LED miniscope which gives 1.4 magnification.

Tactical Axe in its place is a light-weight reliable melee weapon. Designed to provide far greater reach in close quarters, high quality alloy will ensure a deep clean cut even against a heavy vest.

Please note:

-  opening one of the Random Kredit Boxes can give you either temporary or permanent version of these weapons;

-  permanent items will require maintenance and repairs;

-  the remaining pieces of the 'Icebreaker' weapon set will be released later, stay tuned for more updates!


The 'Icebreaker' weapon set will not only provide you with smooth battle experience but also with a set of special weapons-related achievements.

Make 'em take a chill pill!

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