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Coming soon -- Rank 81

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The ascent up the career ladder continues! In the next update Warface will have rank 81: an Apache warrior, Lieutenant of the Heralds of Death squadron.

In the new line of ranks, you’ll see representatives of well-known historical armies, the legends of which are handed down from generation to generation!

An Apache Indian appears on the new rank’s icon. These brave warriors are renowned for their excellent preparation, tenacity and bravery in battle. Battles were an integral part of this people’s existence. The military arts touched on all aspects of the Indians’ lives, from birth until death itself. But at the same time, Apaches are considered benevolent and loyal. Becoming a friend of an Apache warrior is a great honor!

Getting that title won’t be easy. Based on initial estimates, you’ll need around 40,000 Hangar victories or almost 2,500 successful completions of the Anubis special operation on Pro difficulty (not counting boosters). This is a difficult task, but Warface warriors love a challenge!

Being an Apache warrior means to be superior to the enemy in everything!

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