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‘Frozen’ Series: Weapon of Victory

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Very soon, the Warface squadron must set off for a serious mission. Retreat is not an option – the enemy is storming the main base. To successfully repel the attack, you’re going to need all your skill – and, of course, good weaponry. The new ‘Frozen’ series is about to be at your disposal!

These weapons are made of an unknown material and have a bright appearance – at the same time, their technical characteristics are the same as the standard versions. The guns can still quickly take care of any opponent. Be sure to wear gloves – their steel is as cold as Oberon’s heart!

Frozen R16A4
Frozen Fararm ATF 12

Frozen SAE Scout

Frozen Honey Badger
Frozen AY 226
Frozen Tactical Axe

Brave soldiers can expect a set of special achievements that can only be earned with the help of this series. Can you assemble the full set?

With weapons like these, you’re bound to succeed!

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