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Community Stream - 08/12/2023

Categories: General


Join our Community stream on YouTube today on 24/11/2023 at 15:00 UTC (16:00 CET). See you there!

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[UPD] New Seasonal In-Game Activities
The seasonal update "Northern Lights" is already here! And these seasonal activities are capable of lighting even the darkest winter skies. In this article, we’ll share what activities you’ll be able to participate in during the season, and what goodies are waiting for you.
07 Dec 2023 events
New Year Cashback — 1st stage has begun!
Get ready to receive over 200% in profit in this year's "New Year CashBack"! And if you meet all the conditions, more than 6000 Kredits will return to your account!
07 Dec 2023 offers

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