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Join the Project ST Alpha Playtest from July 21–24!

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Ready to take aim at a new mission this weekend? You're invited to experience a brand-new Alpha Playtest on Steam from July 21 (14:00 CEST / 06:00 PDT) until July 24 (09:00 CEST / 01:00 PDT)! You'll also receive a bundle of in-game rewards for Warface when you play and complete a survey via Project ST's in-game menu.

Project ST is a free online multiplayer party shooter currently in development at The Breach Studios under a working title. Prepare to jump into a madcap world stuffed with colorful characters, wacky weapons, and massive robots as you battle together with your pals!

Register now for the Alpha Playtest via the Project ST Steam page before it begins this Friday.

Register now

We can't wait to show you what we've been working on—your playtime and feedback are invaluable to help us shape the future of Project ST's development.

What is Project ST?

Project ST (working title) is a free online multiplayer party shooter coming soon to Windows PC. Here are a few of the key features you can try during the Alpha Playtest:

  • SUPER-SIZED FUN: Play through a series of electrifying battle rounds with friends! Hurtle across different maps and zones as you hold control points, blast enemy players, and unleash your robot base to seize the lead.
  • CHOOSE YOUR CHARACTER: Choose from an eclectic roster featuring Hiro, Armando, Ishani, Zoe, Sasha, and Fabio. Experiment with different characters, loadouts, and Bots to find your ideal playstyle!
  • WACKY WEAPONS & BOTS: Let loose with a wacky arsenal of weapons, including blasters, splatter guns, explosive grenade launchers, and much more! You can also deploy a trusty trio of Blastbots, Medbots, and Techbots to help allies… or hinder enemies.
  • GIANT MODE: Perform amazing feats to activate this massive, show-stopping power-up. Use it to launch Frenzy Rockets, Mega Beams, and Long-Range Scanners to your team's explosive advantage, then finish things up by firing a devastating salvo at the enemy GIANT!
Important: Project ST is still in an early phase of development. Certain features and content may not work as intended and may be subject to change in future versions of the game.

Alpha Playtest (July 21-24) Schedule

  • Starts: July 21 at 14:00 CEST / 06:00 PDT
  • Ends: July 24 at 09:00 CEST / 01:00 PDT

How to Play

  • Project ST (Alpha Playtest) is available on Windows PC via Steam.
  • Click 'Request Access' on the Project ST Steam page (access status will be visible on the game page once the Alpha Playtest is live)
  • Click 'PLAY NOW' to download the Project ST Launcher.
  • Install Project ST via the Launcher (available July 21).
  • Play Project ST on Steam from July 21!

Complete the Survey, Get Rewards in Warface!

When you've finished playing the Project ST Alpha Playtest, we kindly ask that you fill in a survey via the game's main menu.

Completing the survey will reward you with a promo code. Redeem it via the Warface website to receive x75 Resurrection Coins, a 7-day Mastery Booster, and a 7-day VIP Booster!

The goal of this Alpha Playtest is to show you the core gameplay of Project ST and find out what players like, what they don't, and where there's room for improvement. Your help is critical in shaping the direction of development for Project ST, and ultimately in making it a fantastic online party shooter experience that appeals to gamers of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

You can also join the Project ST Discord to chat with Community Managers and fellow players! If you need help at any time during the Alpha Playtest, please contact MY.GAMES Support.

Times and dates are target estimations and may be subject to change. Check for the latest news on the Project ST Steam page for up-to-date information!

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