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Join the Warface Day Celebrations!

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Today on April 12th, we are celebrating the game's big day — Warface Day. Let's celebrate it together! We've prepared a huge in-game event that you can participate in and earn cool weapons and unique achievements. You'll also be able to take part in activities on a special promo page, where you'll be able to win awesome prizes! Read on to learn the party plan.

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"Legends" season promo page

"Challenge" Event

Join the event, earn the event currency and spend it on coveted novelties. The battles will take place in the Team PvP mode "Gun Game", and the PvE fans will be able to gain the currency in several Special Operations.

Among the rewards you will find the new "Crater" series, a new Rifleman device "Adrenaline", weapon charms, and much more. Getting the rewards in the event is easy: play the special PvP mode and complete special operations like "Earth Shaker", "Operation Blackwood", "Heist", and "Hydra", and earn the event currency.

The "Crater" weapon series is inspired by the "Earth Shaker" Special Operation and Warface Day itself. Each weapon from the series has a unique design with the number 11 sneakily placed on the models, to symbolise Warface's anniversary. On top of that, the series is decorated with sleek patterns that give it an edgy and stylish look.

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Increased Rates

Enjoy celebration and increased rewards for battles that will be on until 15:00 UTC (17:00 CEST) on the 17th of April: you will be getting 100% more WF$ and XP! Do not miss out on this boost!

Log-In Streak Rewards

Do you like gifts? Log into the game between April 12th and April 19th to get up to 40 boxes with 4 different agents. May luck be on your side!

Festive Infographic

In this infographic, we've summed up all the exciting events that have happened in the last 11 years of the project's existence. Let's see the statistics!

Click on the image for more information.

New Seasonal Activities

New seasons of Ranked Matches, the Battle Pass and prestige have already started up in the game. You have plenty of time to get a ton of rewards and become a true legend! And if you need to learn more about the new seasons, check out the dedicated articles to learn all of the information.

Battle Pass Ranked Matches Prestige

Festive Shop Sales

In honour of the celebration, we're starting a big party sale in our in-game shop, so use that opportunity to upgrade your arsenal!

From 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on April 12th until 08:59 UTC (10:59 CEST) on April 17th you just might find Golden versions of some weapons for 700 Kredits and elite ones for 19950 Crowns in the shop. On top of that, you'll also get a chance to purchase the Throwing Tomahawk, so don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on that rare device! We've also added the "Triumphator" gear, a "Raid" Multipurpose Vest, a set of achievements, and a weapon charm for the collectors.

From 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST) on April 14th until 08:59 UTC (10:59 CEST) on April 17th a number of Golden assault rifles (both for Kredits and Crowns), as well as legendary weapons from different series —AK Alpha, Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Cusom, CDX-MC Kraken—will be available, so don't forget to set your alarms.

For those, who'd like to challenge lady luck, there will be random boxes with various weapon models available with a discount of up to 80%.

Those of you who love character camos will not be left behind wither. Just for you, we've added the following items with a hefty 60% discount: Blackwood body camo, Shapeshifter skin, Arachnid skin, Absolute skin.

Follow the offers in the in-game shop to not miss out on interesting deals. Have a great time shopping!

Social Media Activities

Warface Day Promo Page

Let the Warface Day party begin! We've prepared a massive anniversary cake for each player, but we still need your help decorating it! Complete tasks, win mini-games and get lots of gifts. Join in on the fun!

Celebrate with us

About the promo page

On the promo page, you'll find cards with tasks on the left side of the screen. Once you complete the task, you can head back to the website to collect your prize code, you'll be able to redeem it on a special page on the website. Everyday after the daily task is over, new decorations will appear on the cake, so do your part and complete the tasks!

New tasks unlock every day at 09:00 UTC (11:00 CEST), so make sure to set an alarm if you want to get there first!

Please note: There will be 14 tasks on the promo pgae, but you will have until the 30th of April to complete them and collect your prizes!

Giveaway on Discord

Grab themed achievements in the giveaway channel on our Discord server before April 20th. Just select the platform you play on and get a unique code. Hurry up before the codes run out!

Get achievement

Happy Warface Day everyone!

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