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"Rock Solid" Update - 07.04.2022

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A new content update has been installed on the game servers. The game now offers an in-game event, weapon models, a new PvP mode and a PvE mission, bug fixes and much more. Read on to learn the details! 

We continue the process of integrating the Texture Streaming technology into the game. The weight of this update is ~5.5 GB.

Previous Version

New Content

"Big Hunt" Event

We are glad to present to you an all-new event "Big Hunt". It preserves the general principle - play, earn special currency and spend it on the desired items, but the gameplay has been reworked. Event novelties include:

  • a PvE mission "Retaliation";
  • a PvP mode "Gun Game";
  • special contracts;
  • an updated shop with event items;
  • a vault allowing to accumulate more currency;
  • rewards for a certain number of victories in the modes.

You can learn more about the event and its features in a separate publication. You can also check it out in the game.

PvE Mission "Retaliation"

In the new mission, you will continue to fight for Blackwood. The soldiers will have to search the enemy logistics base and uncover the secrets the opponent is hiding.

The warehouse is well guarded, and a lot of challenges will await you on the way: turrets, mines, electric traps, as well as the final boss - a helicopter. Be careful! In addition, there are several Easter eggs hidden on the map - can you find them all?

PvP mode "Gun Game"

The PvP part of the event features a new "Gun Game" mode where the main goal is to eliminate opponents with different arms and go through the entire chain of available weapon models as quickly as possible. In this mode, players do not choose weapons. The arm automatically changes as soon as the soldier meets the condition of the current stage. The one who first tries out all the weapons and performs the final kill with the last arm wins.

The game in the new mode is carried out on an equal footing. All players have the same equipment, advance through the same chain of weapon models and start with the same guns. To move to a new stage and get a new weapon, the player needs to make two kills. After death, the character will respawn in a random place on the map and will be invulnerable for some time (or until the first movement).

Special Contracts

There are now three event contracts at your disposal. Complete them to add even more event currency to your account. With its help, you will quickly get closer to the desired reward and will be able to significantly increase your earnings in the "Big Hunt". Click on the images to learn contract details.

Event Rewards


The SIX12 AUTO-SD is a modern bullpup shotgun chambered for the 12-gauge shells. The novelty sports a high rate of fire, good accuracy and excellent range. In addition, the gun has increased damage multipliers. The perks are set off by a significantly reduced (compared to the rest of the Medic's arsenal) base damage and a modest cylindrical magazine that can hold up to 6 rounds.

Click on the image to see the specifications of the model.

This combination of characteristics embodies a classic arm for the Medic - a fighter who easily eliminates opponents at close range, but gradually loses power as the firing distance increases. Be sure to play with the new weapon and share your thoughts!

Agent "Carp" Set

The agent pack includes weapons and camos of the "Zone" series, a unique skin for Medics, weapon charms and achievements designed in the agent's style, as well as new contracts yielding the listed content and other useful items. Learn more about the pack and the agent's story in a separate publication.

Wins in the Event Modes

Do you want to take part in a real hunt for amazing prizes? Play and win in the "Big Hunt" event modes! Get a certain number of victories in PvE and PvP to earn thematic achievements and camouflages.

  • Added an eSports achievement set and a weapon charm.
  • Added thematic content: the Saboteur Gerber Tomahawk, a weapon charm and a set of achievements (a mark, a badge and a stripe).
  • Hunting Knife: added three new skins.
Available Soon
Warface Day

This year is very special for the project since, in April, we celebrate the 10th anniversary since the Warface launch. This is a cool date, and we have prepared a lot of festive novelties to mark the occasion. This year, we will celebrate Warface Day together, regardless of the territory and game platforms. The "Big Hunt" event will be only part of the grand party.

"Warface Day" Contracts

The game will offer festive contracts yielding boxes with cool weapons, beautiful camouflages and achievements, as well as a permanent Multipurpose Raid Vest!

Exquisite Series

The series includes the SIG Sauer P226 C and the Karambit. The weapons look stunning in the stylish camouflages and you will definitely like them! In addition, the Exquisite SIG Sauer P226 C boasts improved specs.

Festive Weapon Charm and Set of Achievements

During the celebration, you can get thematic customization items: a special weapon charm and a set of achievements. With these articles, you can decorate your profile and give your favourite weapon a fresh coat of paint.

Easter Set

According to our intel, on Easter week, you will be able to put on thematic character outfits including a nice rabbit skin. Are you as excited as we are? As soon as we find out how you can get the festive camos, we'll be sure to share the info.

In-game Improvements

Texture Streaming

We continue to rework textures for the full-fledged operation of the technology, which allows us to optimize the load on the PC. This update is the next step in the process and weighs ~5.5 GB.

Content Changes


Based on the testing results, we have decided to revise the sniper rifle settings and made the following tweaks:

  • increased range (from 50 to 80);
  • increased rate of fire (from 34 to 37);
  • increased ADS speed;
  • improved aiming animation;
  • tweaked recoil while using the sniper scope;
  • reduced sway.

Click on the image to see the specifications of the model.

Weapons and Gear

  • IWI Galil Ace Gen II Rifle: reworked the weapon model in the third person view; updated the weapon model size of the golden version.
  • Changed set icons (items for the in-game store), which include the "Apostate" and "Snowstorm" armour sets.


  • The game lobby has been replaced with its thematic version in the style of the "Big Hunt" event.
  • Battle Pass: the timer in the daily quest section is now updated in real time (it used to be updated only when the section was opened).
  • Updated localization: added some missing in-game and item descriptions, fixed some inconsistencies.

Bug Fixes


  • Progression System: fixed a bug due to which the reward for reaching level 450 was missing.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the slide sound continued to play even if the character's slide had been interrupted (for example, by colliding with an obstacle).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to equip prohibited items in Ranked Matches.
  • Sunrise: fixed a bug due to which, in some cases, the player interacting with a portable shield could be kicked by the defense system.

Weapons and Gear

  • Golden S&W M&P R8: fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to install the collimator EOTECH 553 on the revolver.
  • IWI Galil ACE Gen II Rifle: fixed the size of the achievement icons for kills made with this model.

PvE and SpecOps

  • Sunrise: fixed an exploit that allowed movement with a portable shield at normal speed.


  • "Trickster" Contract:
    • fixed a bug due to which some tasks yielded permanent items without repairs.
    • fixed an incorrect localization of the first contract stage.
  • Massive Removal of Expired Items: fixed a bug due to which the icons of some items were not displayed in the list.

Known Issues

  • When receiving several boxes (for example, as a reward for completing a contract task), the player sees only the contents of the first box. Items from other boxes are automatically sent to the Inventory.
  • PvE mission "Retaliation": during a helicopter flight, some environmental objects are not displayed.
  • The localization of some texts is missing.

Have a nice hunt!

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