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Contract Event is Live

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We invite you to try on the role of a real mercenary and take part in the "Contract" event. Naturally, tough work will be well rewarded! The most skilled players will be able to grab rare weapon models and, most importantly, the permanent golden versions of the SV-98, Grand Power SR9A2, Uzkon UNG-12, and AK-15 Custom as well as get a discount of up to 80% for the AN-94 Abakan from the stylish "Heat" weapon series. Do what you know best — destroy the enemy!

Take up a Contract


There are 7 unique contracts available on a special promo page. Each will cost you 100 Kredits to unlock. Under a contract, you will have to eliminate 25 enemies in PvP in "Quick Play" or in Ranked Matches using certain weapon typesAfter once paying for a contract, you will be able to complete it 10 times and each time receive one new crate with a reward.

The reward is randomly selected. The prizes include:

  • permanent golden versions of the SV-98, Grand Power SR9A2, Uzkon UNG-12, and AK-15 Custom;
  • boxes with in-game crafting cards to help you craft a TEC-9 and weapons from the "Snow Leopard" and "Glacier" series;
  • temporary arms including the AK-12, Highwayman MAG-7 Special, AM-17, Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm, and much more!
Golden AK-15 Custom
Golden Uzkon UNG-12
Golden Grand Power SR9A2
Golden SV-98

The event is already live and will last till 20:59 UTC (21:59 CET) on the 9th of December.

Upon the receipt, the reward will be sent to your InventoryPlease note: the items cannot be sold on the Marketplace. Check out the full list of prizes on the promo page. However, these are not all the bonuses that we have prepared for you!

Weapon at a Discount

By eliminating opponents under the contracts, you will be gaining a discount that will allow you to purchase the AN-94 Abakan from the stylish "Heat" weapon series at a reduced price. The discount is capped at more than 80% and to accumulate it, you will have to destroy quite a number of enemies. Please note: once purchased, the AN-94 Abakan cannot be sold on the Marketplace.

Additional Rewards

By destroying 100, 500, and 1000 enemies under the contracts, you will also get additional bonuses!

  • 5 Boxes with the Balisong Knife upon eliminating 100 enemies;
  • 5 Boxes with the Ruger Mk IV Lite upon destroying 500 enemies;
  • 10 Boxes with the Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm upon killing 1000 enemies!

Take up a Contract

Hurry up to fulfill contracts and expand your arsenal.

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