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Crafting resources exchange system is available

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As we notified you, today the crafting system on the website has been closed. In the future, weapon crafting will be available only in the game. So far, the process of attachment disassembling and resource converting is in progress - this is a rather long procedure. Now there is a special promo page available where you can exchange the accumulated resources for in-game weapon cards. Go on assembling the coveted guns in the game!


Exchange Resources

Closing Crafting System

Today, we have removed all the website elements related to the old weapon crafting system.

  • The "Weapon Crafting" tab on the game website has been closed.
  • The keys "Resources" and crates "Resources for Crafting" have disappeared from the "Crates" page.

At the moment, all players' attachments located in the Inventory or on the Marketplace are being transferred back into resources. Resources starting from the first level will in turn be converted into resources of a higher level up to the fifth one. There are a lot of Warface players, so this procedure will take quite a lot of time. Please be patient.

Crates "Resources for Crafting" will soon be removed from the Marketplace and from players' Inventories.

You will see the total number of fifth level resources on a special promo page. In addition, right now you can get in-game cards for crafting AK "Alpha", Typhoon F12, Kriss Super V Custom and CDX-MC Kraken.

After the exchange, you will find cards in your Inventory, and you will be able to transfer them into the game.

Exchange resources and rush into combat with new guns!

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