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Ranked Matches 2.0: Season 20

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The 20th ranked matches season has already started! It brings along easier league progression, rewards increased by 50%, unique achievements and heaps of Random Boxes with plenty of excellent weapons. Demonstrate your skills to get to the top!


The new season has already begun and will last till 08:30 UTC (09:30 CET) on the 8th of April. You will fight on the maps of "Plant the bomb" and "Blitz" (apart from the "Platform"). Please note: in this season it will be easier to advance between leagues.


CZ 75-Auto Random Box
M249 Para Random Box
Enfield L85A2 Custom Random Box
SIX12 Random Box
Saiga Bullpup Random Box
XM8 Compact Random Box
Tavor CTAR-21 Random Box
MK 14 EBR Random Box
DSA SA58 SPR Random Box
Type 97 Random Box
USAS-12 Random Box
SCAR-L PDW Random Box
Steyr Scout Random Box
RPD Custom Random Box
Fabarm STF 12 Compact Random Box
ACR CQB Random Box
AS50 Random Box
HArms CQR Random Box
Winchester 1887 Random Box
Micro-Roni Random Box
Remington MSR Random Box
LWRC SMG-45 Random Box
Marlin 1894 Custom Random Box
Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm Random Box
F90 MBR Random Box

You can get multiple rewards!

  • Easier progression;
  • 50% more rewards (WF$, Crowns and Boosters);
  • Rare camo from "Emerald" and "Jade Dragon"series;
  • Unique achievements and a special stripe "Death Mask" for the first league;
  • Random boxes with special camos inside for reaching high leagues;
  • Random boxes with excellent weapons inside for reaching certain leagues.
    The list of special rewards
    League Prize
    21st CZ 75-Auto Random Box (1 unit).
    20th M249 Para Random Box (1 unit).
    Enfield L85A2 Custom Random Box (1 unit).
    19th SIX12 Random Box (1 unit).
    Saiga Bullpup Random Box (1 unit).
    18th XM8 Compact Random Box (1 unit).
    Tavor CTAR-21 Random Box (1 unit).
    17th MK 14 EBR Random Box (1 unit).
    DSA SA58 SPR Random Box (1 unit).
    16th Type 97 Random Box (1 unit).
    15th USAS-12 Random Box (1 unit).
    14th SCAR-L PDW Random Box (1 unit).
    13th Steyr Scout Random Box (1 unit).
    12th RPD Custom Random Box (1 unit).
    11th Fabarm STF 12 Compact Random Box (1 unit).
    10th ACR CQB Random Box (1 unit).
    9th AS50 Random Box (1 unit).
    8th HArms CQR Random Box (1 unit).
    7th Winchester 1887 Random Box (1 unit).
    6th Micro-Roni Random Box (1 unit).
    5th Remington MSR Random Box (1 unit).
    4th LWRC SMG-45 Random Box (1 unit).
    3rd Marlin 1894 Custom Random Box (1 unit).
    2nd Truvelo CMS 20x42 mm Random Box (1 unit).
    1st F90 MBR Random Box (1 unit).

Please remember, that you can always check your progress on your profile page.

Progression and rewards

In order to advance between leagues, you need to win consecutive matches. As you climb higher, you will have to display better prowess, flexibility and persistence. At the same time, you won’t drop down instantaneously if you happen to lose — you will have a chance to recover by winning a series of matches. If you fail to use this opportunity and continue to lose, you’ll roll back to the previous league.

The winning streak bonus works a bit differently: if you manage three wins in a row in the last matches of the previous league, you will automatically get one win in the new league. Here is an example.

Sixth league
A bonus for the winning streak is not counted: you will not be granted additional victory in the fifth league. A bonus for the winning streak is counted: you will be granted additional victory in the fifth league.
League advancement Amount of victories for advancement
21–19 1 victory out of 3
18 1 victory out of 4
17–14 2 victories out of 4
13 2 victories out of 5
12–9 3 victories out of 5
8 3 victories out of 6
7–5 4 victories out of 6
4 4 victories out of 7
3–2 5 victories out of 7
1 5 victories out of 8
It will be incredibly tough to drop out after reaching the first league — you will have to lose 5 matches running. This has been implemented as a preventive measure to let the top contenders master their skills to perfection while enjoying the competitive scene, without worrying over losing their rank.
League Base rewards
  Warface dollars Crowns
21-19 750 75
18-17 1125 115
16-14 1500 150
13-12 1875 190
11-10 2250 225
9-7 3750 375
6-4 4500 450
3-2 9000 900
1 15 000 1500
Total 75 000 7510
  Additional rewards
22-14 XP booster (15%) for 36 h.
13-6 Warface Dollar booster (15%) for 72 h.
5-1 Vendor Points booster (15%) for 108 h.
Total for 288 h. (12 d.), for 576 h. (24 d.), for 540 h. (22 d. 12 h.).
All participants that win at least one ranked match will receive the “Warface Ranking Matches League” mark.

Top contenders that finish the season in the first league will be able to proudly fly their “Death Mask” stripe. Those who collect the full pack of 12 stripes for the highest league will grab the unique mark "Best of the best!". Please note that if you skip a season, you’ll have to wait until the 12-season cycle is complete to try and earn that achievement again! The full list of all 12 achievements for reaching the first league can be found in the announcement.

Players will be able to receive the following custom achievements:

League Achievement
Prize camo

Reward for reaching the first league is special season-related "Emerald" camo. Try to gather all! Please note: if you have already obtained season camo while opening rewards boxes, you can't obtain another one.

MSBS RadonMSBS Radon
Sidewinder VenomSidewinder Venom
ОРСИС Т-5000 Orsis T-5000

Soldiers, who managed to reach the golden league, will get camo of the following series: "Jade Dragon" (for the third league or higher), "Urban", "U.S" and "Jungle" (for the 5th league or higher) permanently. Please note: the reward is random.

FN F2000FN F2000
CheyTac M200CheyTac M200
Mateba AutorevolverMateba Autorevolver
SIG 551SIG 551
SIG 550SIG 550
H&K G36CHawk Pump
Kriss super VKriss super V
KA-BAR Utility KnifeKA-BAR Knife
Hawk PumpHawk Pump
Ultramarine KnifeUltramarine Knife
H&K MG36H&K MG36
Remington Model 870Remington Model 870
CheyTac M200CheyTac M200
SIG Sauer P226 CSIG Sauer P226 C
Steyr M9-A1Steyr M9-A1
Cobray StrikerCobray Striker
H&K G36KH&K G36K

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