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Warface: GO released for mobile devices

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We are glad to inform you that the Warface universe has been expanded today with a new product. MY.GAMES and Whalekit studio have launched Warface: Global Operations for mobile devices!

Warface: GO is an action shooter in which the developers focused on dynamic PvP matches. The game is a completely independent product, and it's only linked to the PC version via the confrontation between Warface and Blackwood.

What is Warface: GO?

  • The first mobile game in the universe of the online shooter Warface. A setting familiar to millions in a new project that brings the confrontation between Warface and Blackwood to a convenient mobile format.
  • Intuitive controls. The ability to select a shooting mode - automatic or manual.
  • Full customization of controls. The player can freely configure all the buttons and most of the information panels on the screen.
  • Realistic graphics with the support of 60 FPS. Spectacular battles, complemented by vivid special effects and highly detailed surroundings.
  • 4x4 online battles on perfectly balanced maps. Five specially created locations for swift matches in which you can participate with friends.
  • Over 120 types of weapons and equipment. Real-life models are reproduced with high accuracy in the game.
  • Ample opportunities to customize the characteristics and appearance of the character. Non-linear development and strengthening of the hero with the help of an extensive upgrade system, additional body kits and equipment parts.

Download Warface: GO now for free in the App Store and Google Play. To try it out, just follow the link below:


You can discuss the new game and ask your questions in Warface: GO Facebook group. Since the game is an independent product, its discussion and support on the platforms of the PC version are not available.
Game on!


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