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Unlimited bonus – try your luck

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You are one spin away from a bonus!

Dear players!

Are you ready to test your luck? You can get an amazing bonus to your next payment!



It's as easy as:

  • Navigate to the game page;
  • Spin the wheel;
  • Win bonuses! Your total bonus is shown in the box under the wheel; it applies to your next purchase.
  • Add funds and reap the benefits of your bonus.
  • If you want to try your luck again, you can get additional attempts in the game itself or purchase them for 100 Kredits.
  • Every player has 1 free attempt of Unlimited bonus a day.


Each spin of the wheel yields one sector (the chances are the same for all sectors). If your sector is a bonus, you get this bonus and can spin the wheel further. If the sector is empty, the game is over and you get the bonus to the next payment.

There are the following types of sectors:

Payment bonus

Refresh all sectors

All bonus sectors double the value

Free round


There are two bonus types: 5% and 10%. If you get this sector more than once, all values stack up into your total bonus displayed under the wheel.

Fills in all empty sectors.

Doubles all bonus sector values and the current player bonus. Does not apply to the “Free game” sector.

You get a free round each time you get this sector. The number of available attempts is shown under the wheel.


1. You spin the wheel for the first time and get a 5% bonus. The bonus cell falls in the box under the wheel, and you now see “Bonus: 5%” in it. You spin the wheel again and get a 10% bonus. The cell falls in the box, there are two empty sectors in the wheel now, the bonus is now 15%.

2. Let’s say you already have a 15% bonus. You spin the wheel again and get an empty sector – the game is now over. Your bonus to the next payment is 15%.


The offer is available from until 15.04.2018 08:59 UTC. All unused bonuses will expire after the offer ends.


1. The bonus is applied up to 2000 Kredits in your purchase. If the purchase exceeds 2000 Kredits, the bonus is still applied to the 2000-Kredit part of the purchase. The bonus is applied to a single purchase made after getting the bonus in the game.

2. Do not leave the transaction page until you complete the transaction and receive the bonus Kredits. Once you have received your bonus in the mini-game and provided that you hadn’t played more, you will receive the Bonus Kredits with your next Kredit purchase as long as the special offer is active. If you stop playing “Unlimited bonus” while the game is already in progress, you can resume the next day but you will not receive an additional free attempt. If you received a bonus and would like to play again, you need to use it up first by purchasing the Kredits or the first bonus will be overridden.

Your bonus is active until the next spin or the end of the special offer.

Compatible browsers:

  • IE V9+/ Edge
  • Firefox V31+
  • Chrome V31+
  • Safari V8
  • Opera V12 +
  • iOS Safari 8.4
  • Android Browser V40
  • Chrome for Android V42

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