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TWM X308 aces the store

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If you’re into competitive play, chances are TWM X308 is your top pick when you’re playing Sniper. No other weapon has managed to earn this much recogntion, and let’s take a look why!


TWM X308 traces its origins back to the AX 308, one marvel of a product by Accuracy International. The rifle belongs to the Arctic Warfare family, and is the younger sibling of the AXMC rifle. The key difference is that AX 308 was designed as a more light, compact and versatile variant, chambered in 7.62x51 NATO, whereas its larger counterpart can be chambered in .300 Winchester and others. When it comes to precision shooting, both rifles of the renowned family provide unparalleled accuracy (thence the name). After all, both were designed to meet the harshest demands of various special forces unit around the world.


Just like its real life counterpart, TWM X308 does not mess around. The rifle seems an absolute ace in several criteria: highest damage, one of the highest penetration and range values, superb rate of fire and lastly, undisputed accuracy. Having said that, as a heavy sniper rifle, it does have considerably high recoil that takes some getting used to. The rifle also comes equipped with a 4.5x Schmidt & Bender scope.

TWM X308 is available in two variants: regular and golden, both available in Random Kredit Boxes.


Mastering this weapon rewards you with two custom achievements, available as stripes for 10000 and 25000 killing blows respectively, while landing 999 killing blows with the golden variant brings you a unique stripe.

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