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Soon in game: UZI Pro

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Great news! Arsenal line-up will soon be expanded with an engineering miracle of the legendary tier. We present you a magnificent SMG named UZI Pro. This supreme weapon unlocked via vendor points will get into your hands accompanied with a range of unique attachments, including a new remarkable scope.


An ultra-compact SMG UZI Pro was developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) back in 2010. It suppresses the prototype in ergonomic effectiveness and the presence of braces for tactical attachments. The cover of the barrel extension has a tactical rail that can be used for setting up the scopes of different types. Tactical rails are also located on the sides of the barrel. These enable the use of additional attachments: a laser pointer, a tactical light, etc.

Nowadays UZI Pro is the choice of special operations units in law enforcement and military establishment.

In Warface

UZI Pro will be the second legendary SMG available in the Arsenal –  all players that have accumulated enough vendor points will be able to obtain this outstanding weapon.

Its main in-game merits lie in top RPM, high limb damage multiplayer, comfortable recoil, great range and plenty of unique attachments.

You will receive these unique attachments along with UZI Pro upon unlocking the weapon. Here is a quick overview of these modules.

  • UZI Pro silencer – decreases the sound of fired shots, hides the position of the shooter, increased accuracy but decreases damage.
  • UZI Pro flash suppressor – decreases the damage reduction with distance and increases penetration chances.
  • UZI Pro standard grip – slightly decreases recoil and increases accuracy.
  • UZI Pro tactical grip – decreases recoil and slightly increases accuracy.
  • Collimator scope MEPRO M21 – provided fast 1.3 zoom.

UZI Pro is a convenient, effective and well-balanced gun that will be definitely appreciated by those who favor aggressive Engineer gameplay.

UZI and dominate!

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