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Christmas shop update

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Christmas shop update brings together themed all-time favorites and new “Radiance” weapon skins.

These unique skins feature an epic reindeer, the silent stare of which will accompany the fall of your foes.


Dress up for Christmas as Santa or a reindeer with our special themed equipment, pick up some snowballs and take down your targets in a truly festive manner! Cheerful laughter may stop though when killer frost stabs its prey with an icicle knife or fearsome Christmas guns (for any and every taste) start firing. And don’t underestimate firecrackers… those things are deadly! Knock out your foes cold and progress towards unlocking Christmas themed achievements.  Oh, and get some Christmas Gift Boxes… we strongly recommend against unpacking those though.

?heck the shop to see a lot more of our Christmas goods. Stay frosty!

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