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Absolute Power: Set Bonus

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“Absolute” equipment set that we have mentioned before is unique not only due to the individual stats of its items. Brand new game mechanics come with it. You will receive a bonus to your power by equipping several items of this set.

These new mechanics of set bonuses will appear in the upcoming update. The first set to utilise these mechanics is “Absolute”.

“Absolute” equipment will be the only one of its kind for now. 


Global operation “Absolute Power” is about to begin. Its participants will have a chance to collect a full “Absolute” equipment set, which consists of 4 elements: a helmet, a vest, gloves and boots.

If you equip your character with 3 or 4 of these items, you will receive a pleasant bonus:

  • 3-items bonus – automatic recovery of 2 HP per second after 5 seconds without getting hit
  • 4-items bonus – 10% damage reduction per hit

Even separately “Absolute” equipment items have excellent starting stats. They will help you to dominate the battlefield and seize victory. But with set bonuses – your power will be limitless!

Since helmets in Warface vary between classes, each class will receive its own version of “Absolute” headgear. Their stats and bonus effects, however, will not vary.


You can receive “Absolute” equipment by completing the objectives of “Absolute Power” global operation.

It won’t be easy but the rewards are totally worth it!

As is the case with other rewards, “Absolute” equipment will be placed in your website inventory. You will be able to instantly use gloves and boots – either trading them or transferring to your character. Helmets and vests will be temporarily deactivated. You will be able to use them closer to the end of the year.


On top of that, you will be able to get your hands on unique “Absolute” body skins. These skins will not change the stats of your character but will chill the blood in the veins of your foes with an absolute dominance of your presence.


Note that permanent “Absolute” equipment and body skins will be available for purchase and sale on the marketplace.

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