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SVK-AS – now in store

Categories: General

There’s no room for compromise in precision shooting. If you agree with this statement, SVK-AS is the sniper rifle you’re looking for.

The rifle belongs to the respected SVK family, a trait easily recognized from the first look. The very same first look shows the familiar bull-pup construction, a definite must for keeping the recoil down while landing consecutive, precise shots. To add to the latter, SVK-AS features a built-in suppressor, designed both to eliminate noise and reduce visible muzzle flash – down to hardly more than a thin fiery exhaust line.

This semi-automatic rifle has a total of 140 points of damage, which translates into a definite two-to-three shots kill given your accuracy is on point. In case of the latter, the rifle brings a lenient kit to help you achieve the top results: aside its innate high accuracy values, it comes with a custom bipod. When deployed, it helps provide extra stability when rested, but if you like resorting to your secondary in close quarters, you will definitely enjoy keeping it collapsed for swift deployment of your primary or secondary.

SVK-AS can be obtained in two variants: regular and golden; both can be found in Random Kredit boxes. The golden variant features increased effective range and carries 5 more rounds in the magazine, challenging some of the heavy battle rifles out there.


Street sniper

Kill 10,000 enemies with an SVK-AS or its gold version

Advanced Street Sniper

Kill 25,000 enemies with an SVK-AS or its gold version

Urban Marksman

Kill 999 enemies with a Golden SVK-AS


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